Sunday, January 22, 2012

Schieffer proposes Miami debate on Face the Nation between Gingrich, Romney

Bob Schieffer has Newt Gingrich, who has the wind at his back.

Numbers 40% vs. 28%.

I am going to ask the obvious question: how did you pull this off?

South Carolinians were the first to realize how liberal Mitt Romney is. Despite his advertising and pretending.

Schieffer: did ABC do you a favor by talking about your ex-wife?
Gingrich: the way they did it, it was like ABC was an arm of the Romney campaign.

Schieffer: Romney has suggested Gingrich is "too similar" to Obama (no experience running a business, no experience leading a state)
Gingrich: I'm not running for CEO of the United States.

Schieffer: [Romney] seems to have trouble getting his message across.
Gingrich: he can't relax and be candid. 47th in job creation. Gun control Pro-choice. He appointed pro-abortion judges. The guy is a very good salesman but he has a very poor product. The fact is: you see what you get. If you want to beat Barack Obama, Newt Gingrich is the only person with the experience. Romney is bouncing around trying to find a message. Gingrich: we believe in America; we believe in core values.

Schieffer: we'll be in Miami. Will you debate Romney for a whole hour.

Senator Graham: you're a dangerous man on tv. The debate in Myrtle Beach was the best explanation of conservatism in years.
600,000 people voted. Newt Gingrich has changed a lot in a positive way. Policy on immigration. Newt's putting on the table real solutions.

Governor Halley Barbour: 2/3 of evangelical Christians said most important thing is a person who can beat Obama. He [Newt] can make it very plain that we are for the right things. Romney's strengths are more managerial. Romney has been courageous in attacking the entitlement programs of the Obama administration.

Schieffer asked about pardons. Do you regret the way that was handled? We let 26 out of penitentiary, half for health reasons. The attorney general's office was very involved in this.

Kelly Evans appeared on the roundtable on Face the Nation. Joe Klein noted Gingrich is great at beating up the moderators of the debates. Gingrich can do "anger" very well.

Schieffer asked "who is the Republican establishment"? Klein: Romney was the "next guy in line".

Evans writes on housing and foreclosures are a big problem in Florida. Klein said entitlements will be a big deal in Florida, and there are a lot of people in Florida on entitlements.

Schieffer's final thoughts: I never tell anyone for whom I vote. I was surprised to hear a voter saying a certain candidate was just too moderate. Schieffer went into definitions of moderate, conservative, liberal, Christian.


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