Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nikola Tesla shows up on "Unforgettable"

Inventor Nikola Tesla comes up as a password in Unforgettable on 10 Jan 2012. It opens a video file depicting fraternity hazing.

Buried underneath the hazing business is a drug smuggling ring, with the pledges of Omega Rho as mules, bringing in drugs from Toronto.

Carrie Wells gets drugged at a frat party, and gives the memorable quote "I can't remember." There is a reference to a news story: liquid cocaine from Newark. [drug-soaked tablecloths were snagged at the Munich airport.] The drugs in Unforgettable were in the tee shirts (a variation of a different plot line from Law & Order: Criminal Intent [ Dramma Giocoso ] wherein costumes for a touring opera were soaked in drugs; from the internet: Law and Order covered this. Some costumer for an Opera company soaked the clothes in coke and shipped them back to U S America. ).

A quote related to the deceased pledge, whose video brought down the bad frat boys: If you can't join them, beat them.


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