Thursday, January 05, 2012

"It’s a friggin’ footnote"

IPBiz has covered some of the unusual situations emanating from the newsrooms of Philadelphia tv stations. For example, the Larry Mendte saga illustrated some legal points about email hacking, and worked its way onto NBC's Law & Order [see

"Law & Order" plotline follows Larry Mendte story and Madoff scam
. Vai Sikahema's temper tantrum "Rutgers is Wrong," the video for which subsequently vanished from the internet, led IPBiz to coin the term "sikahema."

Even Philly's tv weathermen have some issues. A graphic account of the recent suspension of Channel 29's John Bolaris is separately rather humorous. Within the text is a disparaging remark about footnotes, which might be offensive to legal scholars:

the [Playboy] interview, which gave Fox29 brass oggida isn’t online, and isn’t even listed on the current issue [January 2012] of Playboy‘s table of contents. Like so many other things in the wild saga of John Bolaris, it’s a friggin’ footnote.

Channel 10's Hurricane Schwartz is mentioned in the piece:

You think fuckin’ Hurricane Schwartz would ever admit to getting drugged twice in pursuit of some cold Eastern European Juicy-Couture disciples? [above italicized text from We Cannot Believe We Missed The Whole Part When John Bolaris Got Suspended Indefinitely For Do-Shot-Gate ]

Actually, Hurricane Schwartz is not necessarily as tame as the bow-tie suggests:

Hurricane Schwartz apologizes for Election Night tantrum

How NBC 10 Is Like Fifth Grade about the incident with Vince DeMentri .


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