Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Face the Nation" in one hour format in Florida

Donald Trump told Bob Schieffer that Trump may run if Republicans nominate someone who can't win.

Gingrich accepted Schieffer's invitation for a one-on-one but Romney declined. Gingrich talked about non-facts in a debate.
Gingrich alluded to a Lincoln quote on 2+2. Gingrich said Romney went into the debate willing to say things that were false.
In 1992, Romney voted for Paul Tsongas. Gingrich said: get the data and lay it out.

Schieffer pointed out Gingrich is behind Romney by 10 points in Miami Herald poll.

Schieffer then interviewed Michelle Bachmann. Schieffer asked if Romney was not a person of integrity and Bachmann noted she assumed the best of other people. She will back the Republican nominee. She wanted to be a unifying person in the party. Schieffer quoted Sarah Palin on the Repubican establishment. GOP cannibals are attacking Gingrich. Is it the Tea Party vs. the Establishment. The number one issue of the Tea Party is the spending and the debt.

Schieffer interviewed Donald Trump in Palm Beach. If he runs, Trump will run as an independent. Trump: it's very possible that they are hurting themselves.

Cover of Newsweek: Gincgrich and Romney as Roman warriors. Priebus interviewed. Talked about Hillary Clinton vs. Barack Obama in primary. Likened Obama to Captain Scattino. Our president is fleeing the American people. Talked about the 3am phone call. Worked for Hillary, but not for Republicans. Priebus said Palin tapped into a good point that people are angry. America wants a person who makes promises and keeps promises.

Schieffer mis-identified Florida's US Senator as Mario Rubio.

Schieffer said Florida is a microcosm of the rest of the country.

In the second thirty minutes, Schieffer started off with Allen West. Diaz-Balart is supporting Romney. West noted south Florida is ground zero for foreclosures. Equality of opportunity vs. equality of achievement. The government should not pick the winners and the losers. Schieffer: has the Tea Party made compromise a dirty word?

Romney is outspending Gingrich by 3 to 1. In the two debates, Gingrich lost his megaphone.

Schieffer ended talking about Kevin White. Judge me by the alternative. Obama: election is about fairness. Republicans: election is about Obama.

**IPBiz notes that, in the end, Face the Nation did not make good use of its additional 30 minutes. The "add ons", like the two segments with Trump, didn't contribute much in the way of significant content. Also, the interviewees dodged Schieffer's questions about what Gingrich was saying about Romney. Schieffer did not get traction.


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