Friday, January 27, 2012

Demi Moore and publicly available information

Of the release of the information from the 911 call of Demi Moore, News Briefs reported on Jan. 27

Though the LAFD was legally required to redact personal and medical information about Moore (her history, treatment Monday, phone number, gate code), when the media made a request for that public information, LAFD was legally required to release it. ”Everything we [released] is public record, so we have to give it to [journalists] according to the California Public Records Act,” Haro says.

The only exception, Haro says, would be if there were a pending criminal trial or legal issue. Then the courts (as opposed to Moore’s lawyers) could embargo the release. (As of press time, Haro was unaware of any attempt by Moore’s legal team to halt or follow up on the tape’s release, and Moore’s reps would not specifically comment on the 911 call or its release today.)

New Jersey has OPRA.


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