Sunday, January 08, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on January 8, 2012

Susan Spencer reports the cover story on the race to the White House and charisma. Second, David Pogue on viral You Tubes. Third, Rita Braver on Judge Judy, who makes $45 million per year. Fourth, Mo Rocca on designing clothes for athletes. Lee Staley on fish and chips.

Headlines for 8 Jan 2012. The debate in Mancheser, NH, starting with Santorum on Romney. Iran on Navy rescue mission, a Hollywood drama. Bill O'Brien at Penn State. Saints 45-28, Texans, 31-10. From Destiny's Child to Motherwood: Blue Ivey.
American Dialect Society: Occupy. Weather: Mild in the Northeast.

Charisma is a word which is mentioned a lot when talking of political candidates. Braver's story started with Rick Perry's forgetting. An instant in which charisma is destroyed. Professor Joseph Nye at Harvard. Personal magnetism that some people have. Mark Oppenheimer of Yale, a gift which is freely given. The power of charisma. Ronald Reagan: humor to project personality, but came in third to Clinton and Kennedy. George Clooney, Derek Jeter, The Cookie Monster? At MIT Media's Lab, use science to measure charisma. The sociometer, done by Alex Pentlund at MIT. Predict "how well" a business plan will be accepted, without knowing details of the plan. John Neffinger, a Yale grad, runs workshops for K&P Communications: strength and warmth. Stand up straight and smile. A little bit of a smile, with determination in the eyes. Barack Obama: will raise his chin, which distances himself and looks down his nose at us. Mitt Romney: tries to ham it up a bit; comes off as ingratiating. Seems fake.
76% of voters say charisma will play a role in their vote; about 1/4 say it is most important. 57^ of people think they have some charisma.

Almanac. January 8, 1982. The day the bell tolled for Ma Bell. Consent to break up AT&T. A 1940s instructional film. Lily Tomlin's Ernestine. We are omnipotent. The DoJ challenged the monopoly in court.

The art of Maurizio Cattelan by Serena Alschuler. An Italian artist, who hires master craftsman to implement his ideas. New York's Guggenheim. Nancy Spector, Cattelan. Pope John Paul II hit my a meteriorite. INRI. The more crazy, the better the work is.
Woman in a refrigerator. He was the son of truck driver; a poor student with a vivid imagination. Success is waking up, doing what you like. Has announced his retirement from making sculptures.

David Pogue of the New York Times on YouTube. The Gregoy Brothers: Evan, Michael, and Andrew. AutoTune. You make them sing. A local news report on an attempted rape in Alabama. Antoine Dodson. Mashup of tv news and music. Dead Intruder song. Unintentional lyriciists. Aren't we mocking their unsophistication. Green screen. They put themselves into other people's scenes. Replace all green with something else, like a tideo. Songafy this turns your speech into song. Viral YouTube sensation.

Loss of two masters in past week. Bob Anderson, sword fighting. Light Sword battle was played by Anderson. Eve Arnold also died. Pictures of Marilyn Monroe. The Misfits. Arnold was 99 at death.

One year ago today, Gifferts shooting. 31 bullets, 19 people hit. Daniel Hernandez used his bare hand to stop blood loss. Daniel is now a senior in college. Ron Barber was shot in leg and face. I have nothing to complain about; I'm alive. Christina Taylor Green. Susie Heilmann.

College football uniforms, starting with Oregon. Mo Rocca: Oregon looked like comic book heroes. A different uniform every game. Todd van Horn of Nike designs the uniforms for the Oregon Ducks. The duck wings are functional. Nothing is out of bounds. We stand for constant change. Morrill's Nose Mask. Now, jerseys are skin tight. No grab points. Maryland Terrapins: Maryland flag uniforms. Randy Edsel. The Maryland players had a runway show. Notre Dame flashed up their luck. Simon Nunion of Barney's. The burgundy looks incredible on the field (Arizona). Subtle tiki is no tiki. Now we are getting creative. Paul Lucas: Nebraska uniforms are plain. The power of selling to customrs; Drop $200 for polyester shirt. Merchandising tail drives onfield dog. But: If you lose, you are just a clown.

Rita Braver does Sunday Profile on Judge Judy. Tough as nails terror of daytime tv. I'm a good fact finder. This is not a legal game. She was a judge for 14 years on family court. In 1993, Morley Safer did piece on her. If you missed it, it rhymes with witch. Prosecutor in family court. Say Jerry Scheinlein. Now have 11 grandchildren. Both were judges. They divorced in 1990 and remarried a year later. I have food in my refrigerator that is older than you are. Judge Judy is number 1 syndicated show on television. The cases on the show are real. The show pays the damages. People want to air their grievances. SNL was parodied on SNL on 1998. Get your bony ass out of the chair. 13 acre spread in suburban Connecticut. Once lived in a studio apartment with a Murphy bed. Plans to do show until 2015. It's your life; live it well.

Jeff Greenfield on NH primary. Goes back 4 years to Obama v. Clinton. Clinton won all big state primaries. Over and over again political seers are wrong. What is past is not prologue. Book: the black swan. Clinton, Bush, Obama lost NH primary but were elected president. No incumbent re-elected when unemployment over 7.2%? Whoever called it political science must have had a wicked sense of humor.

Goodby to Bernie Siebrooks, over 50 years at CBS. Goodby im McKenna, VP for finance. Pic with Charles Kuralt.

Something fishy in England, story by Faith Staley. The good companion. Fish and chips. 312 times per year. Historian John Walton. Italian migrants in 19th century. Georges fish shop. The Golden Union. Nigel Jewison: used fish and chip oil into biodiesel. Chicken tikki marsala.

Next week on Sunday Morning: Spielberg. Tomorrow: "This Morning" on CBS with Charlie Rose.

Moment of Nature: Pradaxa. 9500 above sea level at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.


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