Sunday, January 29, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on January 29, 2012

Charles Osgood presented the news, which started with the Florida primary. Romney leading in polls. Rick Santorum returned to PA to care for his daughter.

Martha Teichner did the cover story on "where" iPhones and the like come from.
Mike Daisey's Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs on Broadway. FoxConn in Shenzhen. China. Workers who were 12, 13, and 14 years old. In 2010, suicides at Foxconn. There were nets around the buildings. Debbie Chan of organizaion in Hong Kong. SCOMM. Steve Colbert commented on non-suicide pledge. Steve Jobs said Foxconn is not a sweat shop. The pressure to produce. Mike Daisy said 12 hour shifts. Teichner asked Apple and Foxconn for comment; got directed to Impactt. Dionne Harrison. Hon Hai Precision Industry Company. Standards are aspirationional in nature. Ian Spaulding is consultant. On Jan. 13, Apple released list of suppliers. Limit to 60 hour/6 day week. New York Times articles produced Apple response. Apple has said it wants to be a leader. In 2012, virtually impossible to stop buying devices. The devices are put together by hand. Built from the bones of this labor.

Almanac. January 29, 1843. McKinley born in Niles, Ohio. Served in Antietam. Governor of Ohio. Edison filmed inaugural activities. PanAm Exposition in 1901. Died of his wounds 8 days later. Edison's cameras documented funeral procession. Was on $500 bill. High school in Glee.

Osgood said continue fashion forward lothing. Rita Braver on Tory Robinson Burch. Sophistiated but not too serious. Trademark bright colors. A fashion phenomenon in just 8 years. Luxury life style. Double T logo. Tory worked for Ralph Lauren and Vera Wang. Chris Burch financed her fashion line. Tunic. Gossip Girl gave her a cameo appearance. Sally Singer of NYT is a big fan of Tory. Glamour honored her. Won $164 million against fake internet providers of knockoffs. Divorced in 2006 from Chris Burch.

Starting with a clip from Taxi Driver CBS went to Scorcese. Lesley Stahl talks to Oscar nominee Martin Scorsese, director of “Hugo.” Georges Melies, magician. 1896-1913 did over 500 movies, and invented special effects. The invention of humor on film. By end of World War I, reduced to selling wind up toys. Stahl reviews 1996 "60 Minutes" profile. As a young boy, had asthma, and went to a lot of movies. Hugo: unable to join in, parallels to Scorcese's early life. Use 3D as a story telling element. Melies was inventing as he went along. Scorcese dislikes phones. Thelma Sconmaker has been editor for over 50 years. Francesca: I love Charlie Chaplin. Boardwalk Empire. Silence. Frank Sinatra Biopic.

Intorducing Rumer. Story by Anthony Mason. A voice as clear as a primary color. Seasons of my Soul. Burt Bacharach. Ruer played London pubs for a decade before getting a recording contract. "Number 22". Was told: you're not attractive enough. Was born Sara Joyce in Pakistan. Sisters are blonde. Her father was families Pakistani cook. Rumer went to northwest Pakistan. A world of "what if."

Travel & Leiasure did the rudest cities. New York, Miami, Washington DC, LA, Boston, Dallas, Atlanta.... Osgood said NYC not rude, but in a big hurry. I'd like to chat more but I'm busy ok (a poem in response to the survey).

The devil is in the details. "High Gear" by Seth Doane on mechanical toys. Something from the late 1700s. Automaton. Philadephia's Franklin Institute. At the time, trade secrets ruled. Brass disk cams. Maillarde was the designer. Brian Selznick, author. 500 page story of Hugo. The Invention of Hugo Cabret, turned into the movie Hugo. Jerry Rider at Morris Museum in New Jersey. Has over 100 automata. The Pig and the Peasant. Adult luxuries meant to be art in the home.

Brad Pitt in MoneyBall. Sunday Profile by Lee Cowan. With Angelina Jolie, define power couple. Moneyball died on the vine several times. Book by Michael Lewis. Book on redefing success. How do we place value on things. Moneyball got six Oscar nominations. Tree of Life also got nomination. Fight Club. Ocean's Thirteen. Twelve Monkeys. Benjamin Button. Want to do the opposite of what he was supposed to do. Part in Thelma and Louise. Getting a lot of pressure from their kids to get married. "We will some day." Nonprofit work in New Orleans lower ninth ward. Makeit Right Foundation. Final words: last man standing takes it all.

Jeff Greenfield on debates, Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858. Just how demonstrative an audience do we want. Nixon-Kennedy debates were in tv studios. Gingrich pushed back hard against his questioners in SC debates. When debate is seen WITH audience reaction, different opinion. Gingrich insisted on audience response, but Romney benefitted. Be careful what you wish for.

Steve Hartman on middle of Kansas. Larry Hall condominium complex. Nuclear missile silo. Electronic windows. He has sold two of six units. "This old missile base."

Bob Schieffer in Miami. Down and dirtier than ever.

Next week on Sunday Morning. Just air tight.

Moment of nature. HandiHaler. Shore of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


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