Sunday, January 22, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on January 22, 2012

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for January 22, 2012. Newt Gingrich has shaken up the GOP race; Jan Crawford reports. Lesley Cowan does the cover story "U Turn," on the U.S. auto industry. You can't live on your history. Second, Martha Teichner on "Provocateur", Jan Paul Gautier. Third, Glenn Close talks to Anthony Mason about her performance as Albert Nobbs. Fourth, "How the West was Won" by Bill Geist. Yuma, Az. Allan Pizzi. Steve Hartman. Etta James.

Headlines. Newt Gingrich 41%, vs. 28% for Romney. Joe Paterno's health has taken a turn for the worse. He has been in the hospital since January 13, 2012. The price of a stamp is going up. Guns of Bonnie and Clyde ($210,000). Ravens v. Patriots today. Weather: dry in the Northeast.

To campaign 2012, a decisive win by Next Gingrich. People power with the right ideas beats big money. Senator Lindsay Graham says voters want a candidate who can carry the ball to a larger audience. Dean Reynolds noted Obama's criticism of the "United" decision. Reynolds mentioned super-pacs, including one by Stuart Edelson. And a super-pac which ran an ad to the effect, if Mitt Romney believes corporations are people, Mitt Romney is a serial killer.

Almanac. January 22, 1997. Lonnie Williams was hit by an object from outer space from a Delta II rocket. Video clip about Skylab in July 1979 done by Walter Cronkite. Scott Pelley clip.

Osgood started with picture of Chevy Sonic, on the set. Lee Cowan started with a clip of various cars at the Detroit Auto Show. Ford's re-designed Fusion. "Best in Show." Ford: Feel a Difference. A big transformation for the Detroit auto industry. Ford up 11%. Bill Vlasic, Once Upon a Car. Clips of old car ads. Line: Ford was hanging on by a wiper blade. Cars built by Detroit that people didn't really want. Sergio Marchionni brought in by Fiat to run Chrysler. Consumer Reports labelled Jeep most reliable. 1100 new Jeep jobs in 2013. Clip on Chevy Sonic. Diana Trumbley of GM. Two tiered pay scale slashed labor costs for the Sonic by $500 per car. UAW's Bob King. Discussion of Carl Montross, former (and current) GM employee. Now, it's about getting a good car out. Denise Norman: we are very optimistic about our future.

Next, Fashion Forward, the first part of a three week series. Jean-Paul Gaultier, Euro Trash. Madonna's 1990 Blond Ambition tour. OK, I'm here. There is an exhibition of Gaultier's work at Dallas Museum of Art. (It originated at Montreal Exhibition of Fine Arts). Gautier's sailor shirts. Gaultier's childhood. Nana, bear. Spent time with his grandmother. Corset bottles of perfume. Loves to simulate tatoos. Fashion's wild child. A trash bag dress with an ash tray as a handbag. In 1993, Hasidic Jews were outraged. Kevin Tucker is curator of Dallas show. SciFi film The Fifth Element. Gaultier is now 59 years old. Seeing beauty in unexpected places. Everything is possible.

Story on the Golden Hour by David Martin. Specialist ChazRay Clark injured. Videotaped by Michael Young. This story is recycled from CBS Evening News (Pelley). The issue is that MedEvacs cannot have guns, but they get attacked, so they don't fly until an escort (eg, Apache) arrives. An injured soldier now has a 92% chance of survival.

Costa Concordia Sunday Journal story by Allan Pizzi in Italy. The captain wanted to show off.

Remembering Etta James. Sunday Passage. Matriarch of the Blues. Johnny Otis. The Wallflower. Chess Records signed her in 1960. Signature song: At Last. Rage to Survive: the Etta James Story.

Sunday Profile on Glenn Close by Anthony Mason. Jake and Bill, dogs. 64 years old. Albert Nobbs. Close was in Barnum. Then, World According to Garp. The, The Big Chill. The Natural. Fatal Attraction. Five Oscar nominations in the 1980s. 1996 film, 101 Dalmations. Close grew up in Connecticut. Role of Patty Hughes, lawyer.

Opinion by Nancy Giles on SC debate. We're (the media) an easy target. I have a problem with the media being used as a smokescreen. Eddie Long. If you guys stop the hypocrisy, I'll forgive you.

Steve Hartman on Angela Xiang of Cupertino, CA. Monte Vista High School. Kavita Gupta. A recipe for curing cancer. Bioengineering. Talked her way into a lab at Stanford. Cancer medicine in polymer attached to nanoparticle. Then IR beam directed to particle to heat polymer and release drug. She won $100,000 from Siemens contest.

Bill Geist in Yuma, Arizona. Gathering of the Gunfighters at the Yuma Territorial Prison. Re-enactment Guild of America. Judge Byron Burnham. Barbara Chatham.

Bob Schieffer notes he will have Newt on Face the Nation.

Next week on Sunday Morning, Scorcese and Brad Pitt.

Moment of Nature. Spiriva. Panama's Monkey Island. White Faced Monkeys.

CBS Sunday Morning ended with the news that Joe Paterno died.


Of sports events on 22 Jan 2012, the Giants won, but Steven Tyler was awful in Boston. In a post titled Steven Tyler’s scarf better than ‘Star-Spangled Banner’ rendition yahoo sports noted:

It was more of a warbled scream. Associated Press is saying that it would not get him to Hollywood, while Deadspin called it one of the worst anthems of all time. Radar gave him credit for getting all the words right, but that's about it. Sports Grid asked, "How is this guy supposed to pass as a judge on a singing competition when he does… this?" The Boston Herald was one of the few voices to defend Tyler, calling the performance, "pretty decent."


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