Sunday, January 15, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on January 15, 2012

Allan Pizzi reported on the Costa Concordia incident in Italy. Why didn't they hold a muster drill? There was a 165 foot long gash in the hull. Questions will be asked about how it came to sink. There were 200 people who jumped. As to nautical lore, the champaign bottle did NOT break when the Costa Concordia was christened.

Almanac. January 15, 1892. The day James Naismith published the rules for basketball. By the 1940s, college basketball was on movie newsreels. 1986 movie Hoosiers sponsored by 1954 story of Mylan High School. Bob Hurley coach in Jersey City, New Jersey. Dr. James Naismith and his peach baskets was at the beginning.

Iran accused the CIA of masterminding assassination of Iran nuclear scientist. Cover story by David Martin. The Iranian scientist and his bodyguard were killed when a bicyclist strapped a bomb to the car. Mohsen Fakhrizadhi is likely the one irreplaceable nuclear scientist. There are thousands of people involved in Iran's nuclear program. In last few years, three killed. Right now, 8000 centrifuges. Computer virus, stuxnet. 25 kilos of 20% enriched uranium. Put central bank out of business? 18% of Iran's oil goes to Europe. 15 million gallons of oil go through Straits of Hormuz. Iran could obtain a nuclear bomb in 2012. This is a worst case. More likely case is several years.

"Shall we dance" by Richard Ross on Andre Rieu. Music as a mirror of life. Andre is the waltz king. Classical music for those who don't enjoy classical music. Andre was five when he picked up the violin. 25 years ago he formed a band based on Johann Strauss. He has formed over 30 albums. His tour group is just behind Lady Gaga and ahead of Justin Bieber. His show employs 120 people. Andre designs the gowns. "I want them to be happy on stage." An annual concert in Mastrich, Holland. The full scale replica of Vienna's palace. Impresario of musical fantasy; a Disneyland for grown-ups.

Marg Helgenberger in "Case Closed." John Blackstone, Sunday Morning Profile. She has been in CSI for 12 years. A sudden and unexpected hit. Procedural crime shows. CSI effect in legal courtrooms. Up to $375,000 per episode. First job was as weathergirl in Nebraska; North Bend, Nebraska. Danny the Dark Green Dinosaur. Taming of the Shrew in College leads to role in Ryan's Hope. Role in China Beach. Smart, sexy character. Erin Brockovich. Married to actor Allan Rosenburg; one son born in 1990. She is now 53.

Tim Tebow and Tebowing. A commentary. 9420 tweets per second. John 3:16. Team Tebow. GB2. Tebow has broken through on the internet.

Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends by Simon & Shuster. Richard Schlesinger does story. That you change people's behavior. Speak better; listen better. 8 million people have taken a course. Orville Rettenbacher. Book published in 1936. More Hallmark than Harvard. It's common sense, but not common practice. Learn to get their message across. Carnegie started the course 99 years ago. Learn to pause before reacting. "I had rough edges." Don't close the door. Born on a farm in Maryville, Missouri. Jigs and Maggie in Society; Carnegie played himself. The importance of enthusiasm. Video of Dorothy Carnegie. Carnegie's book has sold 30 million copies. Carnegie headquarters in Haupauge Long Island. Say: I'm having a great day in an email. Human nature is the same all over the world. Be nice to others. Follow the golden rule.

Story of movie "War House." Spielberg sat down with Martha Teichner. Joey and Albert. The novel was published in 1982. Iddesleigh in Devon; pub story. 10 million horses died in World War I. War House, the play. 14 different horses played Joey in the movie. Devote all of your passion to the medium at hand. Central: World War I was end of an era. No man's land. Joey: a fictional horse with truth to tell.

Serena Alschuler on a hot chocolate craftsman. Jacques Torres. In Spain, chocalate enchurro. Mesoamericans revered cacao beans. Rick Bayliss, Coco, in Chicago, provides hot chocolate the Aztec way (bitter, not sweet). Using a stone grinder to release oils, a drink that is more bitter. Philip Ward's place in New York. Mezcal. Vida.

Remembering Richard Threlkeld. Clip from Viet Nam. 1975. As usual in southeast Asia, we were wrong. In 1977, began anchoring CBS Morning News. He reported the cover story for CBS Sunday Morning for 3 years (108 in all). Three Mile Island. A generation of year books. In 1989, back on CBS, covering Prague, first Iraq war in 1991. His final assignment for CBS was Boris Yeltsin. A ride on the Subway in Moscow. He retired from CBS in 1998, but did return for 25 anniversary broadcast.

Plug for "CBS This Morning." Next week on Sunday Morning: Actress Glenn Close.

Moment of Nature. Pradaxa. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge on Sanibel Island, Florida. J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge


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