Sunday, January 01, 2012

CBS Sunday Morning on January 1, 2012

Charles Osgood started by saying Good Morning and Happy New Year. Rita Braver searches out why we sing Auld Iang syne. Second, Lee Cowan on Woody Harrelson, living in Maui. Third, Mo Rocca on Kathy Griffin. Fourth, Seth Doane on cocktails. John Blackstone, Serena Alschuler.

Rebecca Charles gave the news for January 1, 2012. Peach dropped in Atlanta. Mitt Romney and Ron Paul in statistical dead heat in Iowa. Arson in Los Angeles. Earthquake in Japan. Unseasonably warm weather in East.

One last look at the year 2011. The first mention was of Hosni Mubarak. But more time was spent on the killing of the head of Al Qaida. Gabrielle Gifferts. Iraq: 8 years 8 months and 28 days. The launch of the Atlantis. April 8: Congress avoids a shutdown. On July 31: US debt rating downgrade. "Occupy Wall Street." Republican debates in Presidential nomination campaign. Rupert Murdoch. Charlie Sheen. Anthony Weiner. Jerry Sandusky. Joe Paterno. Dominque Strauss-Kahn. Casey Anthony. Conrad Murray. Amanda Knox. Fukushima, Japan. Steve Jobs. American hikers in Iran. Marriage of William. Twin Towers Sept. 11 Memorial. Ban on gays serving openly is over. Derek Jeter, hit 3000.

Almanac. January 1, 1752: Elizabeth Griscom born. Later eloped with John Ross. [ Wikipedia: The couple eloped in 1773 when she was 21 at Hugg's Tavern in Gloucester City, New Jersey.[8] The marriage caused a split from her family and meant her expulsion from the Quaker congregation. ] First flag created in 1776. Bugs Bunny cartoon. Whitney Smith on flags.

The first story was on Auld Lang Syne by Rita Braver. M.J. Rodrigues. New York Caledonian Club, a group of Scottish-Americanss. John MacDonald. Morgan Library in Manhattan. Old long since; for old time's sake. Robert Byrnes, born in 1759. An expert in Scottish folk tunes. Byrnes wrote down a folk song. The idea of mending the song's lyrics. George Thompson.
The Beach Boys, James Taylor. Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally.

Mo Rocca on Kathy Griffin. I have a no apology policy for jokes. In 2007, nomination for reality show. Emmy Award. Thank Jesus for this award. Suck it Jesus, this award is my God now. Scorched earth approach to comedy. Vanity Fair piece on women in comedy. 51 years old; grew up in Chicago. Growing up: worshipped celebrities. Groundlings Theater. Mother didn't want Kathy to go topless. In 1990s, Fresh Prince of Belair, Seinfeld. Then Suddenly Susan. Then, Griffen went back to stand-up. Then, My Life on the D-list, on Bravo. The death of her father. It's about being rich and famous. I am very driven by money. I'm in a business with zero job security. She's on the road 120 days a year. This world is attractive, mysterious, and BS, all at the same time.

The goup Pink Martini interviewed by John Blackstone. "In the Pink." Could be the house band for the United Nations. Energetic performances take on the aspect of a party. Martini started 17 years ago in Portland, Oregon. Performed recently at Occupy in Portland. Old fashioned symphonic global pop. 1964: end of era in music. Drives in Portland in 1959 Nash. Students at Harvard. Hit in France. Polyps on China Forbes vocal chords. Tonight Show: Santa Baby. Somewhat undiscovered special treat.

Eva Zeisel died. Ceramic artist. Previous interview with Rita Braver. Born in Budapest in 1906. One of Russia's leading industrial designers. Arrested in Russia in 1936. Imprisoned in St. Petersburg. Came to United States. Playful search for beauty.

Cures for holiday hangover. 2 Excedrin and a bottle of Gatorade. The "morning after" done by Serena Alschuler. Headache, nausea, vomiting. Dr. Steven Lamb: dehydration, low blood sugar. Ethanol is an extremely toxic substance. "The Nutty Professor." 2009's "The Hangover." Noah's hangover. Modern Drunkard Magazine. The Morning Fog. The Jim Jam. The word hangover became popular by 1906. Owl eggs. Sparrow beaks. The one day flu. Tums: relieve hangovers. The drink called Mercy. Angel of Mercy. Fortified with nutrients. Pepsi and milk, 50/50. The hair of the dog, bloody Mary. Pure alcohol (eg, vodka) less likely to provoke hangover. Pulse> last time hangover, 44% a year ago. 34% don't drink.

Lee Cowan does Sunday Profile on Woody Harrelson, the happy Hippie. I didn't want to raise my kids in LA. First Costa Rica, then Maui. The beauty of Costa Rica but better produce. The movie: Rampart. Downward spiral of Dave Brown, chain smoking dirty cop. Playing an army officer in The Messenger. Oscar nominated performance. Woody was born in Texas and raised in Ohio. Character Woody Boyd on Cheers. The People vs. Larry Flynt. Charles Harrelson, father, was sentenced for contract killing of federal judge; was in SuperMax in Colorado. Planting hemp seeds in Kentucky. Incredible role model of what not to do. Home of Willie Nelson in Maui. Woody: I'd rather the expectations stay low.

Staying the course. Luke Burbank. "Two men trapped in one body" ad on Mitt Romney. Common Kardashian. Merits of flip flopping. Girls are riddled with cooties. Travolta, tv dinners. We change our minds on things all of the time. Vanilla Ice.
Unwavering pillars of self assuredness. Code to my gym locker. Disagree with Mitt Romney, but don't complain about him changing. Yin/yang.

The cocktail by Seth Doane. I'll drink to that. The Manhattan Cocktail Enthusiast. Date molasses. Sage, basil. The mixed drink as America's artform. A signature drink for Sunday Morning. Chad and Christie. Historian Dave Wundrich, Tales of the Cocktail. Little Branch. The Trumpet's Call, champaign cocktail, grapefruit, campari Morning Mojo, coffee and rum. The Bright Eye, with egg white, Earl Grey tea. Seth picked The Bright Eye. Charles Osgood was shown holding The Bright Eye, with a red tie (not a bow tie). Matching a red themed Christmas tree.

Dulcolax Morning of Nature. Great wolves of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.


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