Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wemple revisits the Marr plagiarism episode

Within a post titled How Politico reacted to its plagiarism outbreak , Erik Wemple reviews some details of the Marr plagiarism episode. As to how Politico reacted later, Wemple includes text:

Politico leadership pivoted from Marr to an in-house training program. Over the past month or two, newsroom veterans have held sessions on a range of journalistic subject areas, including the following (as articulated in a Politico e-mail):

● Building sources: How to develop source relationships — pick up the phone and get out of the office
● Using public records: Boosting original reporting — where to look for records and how to understand them


● Attribution in the Internet age: a look at what synthesis/rewriting is acceptable and unacceptable; when attribution is needed and when it isn’t; what facts are in the public domain

As a headsup, IPBiz may be breaking a story on restriction of public domain material in the state of New Jersey. Stay tuned.


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