Monday, December 26, 2011

Top 100 people in bioenergy?

Within a post titled The Top 100 People in Bioenergy, 2011-12, BiofuelsDigest named Tom Vilsack numero uno.

There were several professors on the list:

18. Jay Keasling, PhD, Professor, UC Berkeley
27. Bruce Dale, PhD, Professor, Michigan State University
29. Chris Somerville, PhD, Professor, UC Berkeley Director, EBI
48. Lee Lynd, PhD, Professor of Engineering, Dartmouth College
59. Robert Brown, PhD, Professor, Iowa State University
83. Jim Dumesic, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Also on the list:
89. Philip Pienkos, PhD, NREL

**In 2010, Dumesic was no. 52 on the list:

If you’ve read much about Virent Energy Systems, the tdirect sugar-to-diesel technology known as bioforming, or the entire field of the catalytic conversion of feedstocks directlly into hydrocarbon fuels, you’bve been well exposed to the work from the Dumesic lab at the University of Wisconsin. Jim himself generally makes appearances at scientific conferences and is known to make technical presentations on new science, rather than grand pronouncements on biofuels policy. For that reason, it was a delightful surprise to see the Digest readership get behind Dumesic and elevate him to #52 in our poll. Though microbial fermentation approach to direct conversion to hydrocarbons get the lion’s share of publicity, the catalytic approach is attracting serious partners like Cargill Ventures and Honda.


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