Sunday, December 11, 2011

Obama on "60 Minutes" on Dec. 11, 2011

According to "60 Minutes" on Dec. 11, the Obama interview took place on Friday (Dec 9) morning. But, a bcnn post stated:
Steve Kroft interviewed the president on Tuesday in Kansas after he delivered an economic speech in the small town of Osawatomie. President Obama will talk to Kroft again tomorrow at the White House for Sunday's report.

Steve Kroft explicitly said the interview took place on Friday morning in the Cabinet Room. The first part of the CBS video did include Kroft meeting with Obama right after the Kansas speech. In the clip, Kroft brought up the "class warfare" issue. Kroft asked if the start of the campaign season meant "no more governing." Then, "60 Minutes" turned to the Friday meeting. Obama did mention the need for a focus on "common sense." Obama suggested the Republicans were standing on the sidelines. Kroft responded: isn't your job as president to put forth a plan for getting the job done. Obama said it was his job to line up his party, and to rally the American people. Kroft brought up poll numbers. Obama talked about unemployment and people were feeling under the gun. The people are going to feel unsatisfied. Obama stated the Republicans have made a strategic decision. Obama said a majority of Republican (voters) favor tax increases (and deficit reductions). There are common sense, main stream ideas. Kroft asked: unemployment rate by 8% by election. Obama said it's possible. Obama: 9 consecutive quarters in which economy has grown. Obama: we did all the right things to avoid a great depression. Obama: I'm the captain and (his team) is the crew, and we're going through storms. Obama: I don't control the weather. Kroft: general perception that stimulus didn't work. Obama interrupted Kroft and quoted McCain's former economic advisor. Obama: bumping up against Congress. Obama: if people's reality is difficult, they will be upset. Kroft: why do you deserve to be re-elected? Obama: avoided a great depression. reformed the financial system. ending don't ask, don't tell. decimating Al-Qaida.
Kroft also asked why no prosecuting of Wall St. bad actors?

Kroft said at the heart of the Friday interview were questions about the effectiveness of Obama's leadership. 42% of poll said Obama's policies favor Wall St. Obama: from 40,000 feet, the most damaging behavior on Wall St. wasn't illegal. Kroft said intransient? Obama: I want everybody to rich. Obama referred to "basic math." Democrats allege Obama was outmaneuvered.
Obama: we Democrats must make some sacrifices on entitlements. Kroft: a sense of disappointment. You were going to work outside the box, but you have been too cautious. Kroft asked about any doubts about running for a second term. Obama: I'm being judged against an ideal. Obama: the core philosophy [of all Repub. candidates] is the same.

Springfield, IL kickoff for Prez campaign: The reason we have not met our challenges is a failure of leadership. Kroft: did you overpromise? Obama: I'm a persistent son of a gun.

A second story is on Howard Buffet, 57 year old son of Warren Buffet. Howard has been a farmer in Nebraska and (Pena) Illinois. Howard received about $300,000 in farm subsidies over 13 years. Howard G. Buffet Foundation focusses on world hunger. Farmers who couldn't feed themselves. In El Salvador, Howard is funding a training program. Howard emphasizes accounting. Warren noted none of his kids graduated from college. Howard would be the "guardian of the culture" of Berkshire Hathaway.


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