Friday, December 02, 2011

IP instruction missing in Biz-school curriculum?

Of a post at IPFinance [ The Missing IP Narrative ], the following comment was made:

Of the text --This absence of a narrative for IP was reinforced in listening to a podcast that featured a well-known venture capitalist describing the foundations of the VC world. (...)--, note the text wherein a prominent, still-existent VC spoke of the near-irrelevance of patents to VC investment. See

"Patents are not why we are investing"
. Although many pro-patent people speak of the need for patents to attract VCs, the strength of this particular argument is not clear. There are a lot of VCs who don't focus on patent portfolios. Neil's post is not inconsistent with this observation.

And, note also the previous post
The End of the Venture Capital Era?
which cites to IPFinance.



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