Sunday, December 11, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on December 11, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for December 11, 2011. Decorating for the holiday season and remembering armed forces. Cover story. Second, Bob Schieffer on Brad Paisley, and the changing face of country music. Serena Alschuler on "In Vogue", with covers of Vogue now available on the internet. Mo Rocca on comedians as warm-up persons. David Pogue, Techno-Claus. High tech gifting ideas. Ted Danson, Birth of Neon. Harry Morgan.

Headlines. Debate in Des Moines. How conservative? Manuel Noriega fit to be extradited from France to Panama. Treating hemophilia with gene therapy reported in San Diego. Wreaths Across America. RGIII of Baylor got Heisman. Ryan Braun tested positive. Obama/Biden at Army/Navy game. Weather: cold weather has arrived.

Cover story: Mail Call. National Guard Armory in Van Nuys, California prepares packages for soldiers. Operation Gratitude founded 8 years ago to send "care packages" to troops. Carolyn Blashek, age 46, tried to enlist in the armed forces. She wanted to make sure soldiers knew someone cared. Every box goes out with a handwritten note. During Civil War, there was mail call. Z mail during World War II, letters were microfilmed. A postal service box can get from US to war front in days. "Cause" is another group. One of Carolyn's sons graduated Princeton, got into med school, but joined the Marines. Jordan Blashek deployed last month. Box 750,000 rolled off the assembly line this week.

Almanac. Dec. 11, 1910. Visitors to Paris Exhibition [ Salon de l'Automobile et du Cycle ] saw neon light of Georges Claude. Packard did America's first neon light in 1923. Times Square. Las Vegas. Seinfeld episode on neon chicken. Dunes sign demolished in 1993. Now challenged by LEDs. "Let there be Neon" in NYC.

Vogue, the style of the moment. Anna Winter has been Vogue's editor in chief for 20 years. A cover is a poster. 120th anniversary of Vogue in 2012. A book of the magazines covers is coming out. First issue: Dec. 1892. Gibson girls, named after illustrator. Publisher Conde Nast. Art deco. Change in 1932: color photo by Edward Steichen. Winter's first cover: Israeili model wearing jeans. Celebrities on cover instead of models. The 1992 centennial edition featured supermodels. The September issue is best of best. 840 pages weighed five pounds. This past Wednesday the archive was unveiled. Now: a fee of $1500 to access Vogue archive. 400,000 pages are indexed.

Rita Braver on Ted Danson. Investigator D.B. Russel on CSI. And, Bored to Death. Eager desire to be delighted by life. At age 63, a father figure of sorts. Mary Steenbergen. Danson grew up in Flagstaff, AZ; Danson went to Stanford. After school to New York; then to Hollywood. In 1982, got part in Cheers.
Oceana. Perils facing world's oceans. In 1993, Danson decided his run on Cheers should end. Danson's affair with Whoopi Goldberg.

David Pogue on techno-gifts. Bedol water clock. Roku LT. iPod Nano. Jambox. Lens Combo for iPhones.
Withings WiFi scale. Parrot Quadricopter.

Hot in Cleveland, warmup guy. Michael Berger. Lindsay Lohan had to walk into a tree. Eddie Brill is warm-up guy for David Letterman. Martha Stewart calls warmup guy artiste. Hers is Joey Cola. Martha: the audience can never to too hopped up.

Harry Morgan died at age 96. Took public speaking courses at the University of Chicago. High Noon. Inherit the Wind. Dragnet. Colonel Sherman Potter on Mash.

Bob Schieffer does Sunday Profile on Brad Paisley. "Tex" I'd like to check you for ticks. Waitin' on a Woman. Textbook 21st century country singer. How can I do this and not get caught. "Diary of a player." Wheeling, West Virginia. "Remind Me." Actress Kimberly Williams. Waitin on a Woman. Nothing is off limits.

Magazines. Backyard Poultry. Culture, magazine for cheese. Manure Manager. Crappie World. Divorce Magazine. Serial Killer. BLT: beautiful lady, television. Magazine aficianado.

Steve Hartman. Lake Geneva Area Realty. Sal DiMaselli. TheTimeIsNowToHelp. [Story recycled from CBS Evening News.]

Next week: burning debate over lightbulbs.

Moment of nature. Spriva. Pronghorn antelope near Eagle Lake, California.


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