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CBS Sunday Morning on Christmas 2011

**The piece on Darlene Love featured an intellectual property theme of the denial of credit to Love by Phil Spector. Darlene Love herself, on Sunday Morning, gave a substantially different account to what wikipedia describes in the following way:

Legend has it that the real Crystals were not able to travel from New York to Los Angeles fast enough to suit the LA-based Spector, who wanted to quickly record writer Gene Pitney's "He's a Rebel" before anyone else could release a version. The Crystals were unavailable, but Love and the Blossoms were also based in L.A., so Spector recorded and released their version under The Crystals' banner. (Other sources[who?] claim that Spector's haste in recording the track was simply because he was enthusiastic about the song, and that he was unaware of any competing versions—despite the fact that Vikki Carr was recording "He's a Rebel" nearly simultaneously with Spector.)

After Spector took Love's credit the second time, Love said she stormed into Spector's office. "Sunday Morning" mentioned that Bill Medley (Righteous Brothers) helped Darlene Love with her career. And, Love played the wife of Danny Glover's character in the Lethal Weapon series.

**During the holidays, Easy to forget to be grateful. Gratitude as a platitude? Appreciation is a contagious. Thankfulness is an antidepressant. A thank you a day may keep the Prozac away. There are two ways to live life: that nothing is a miracle, that everything is a miracle.

**Mo Rocca did the Sunday Profile on Albert Brooks. Brooks as a bad guy, as small-time mobster Bernie Rose. Brooks has been nominated for a Golden Globe. Discussed Modern Romance, Real Life. There's no line at the bank saying "ahead of your time." My name was Albert Lawrence Einstein. Doing inventive bits like world's worst ventriloquist. I didn't want to make it on someone else's terms. If it didn't work, I would sell shoes. Passed on opportunity to be permanent host of Saturday Night Live. Turned down when Harry Met Sally, Dead Poet's Society. Did do Broadcast News. Role of Clownfish in Finding Nemo. Brooks said: tweeting is almost standup. I reached a point where I couldn't be the most important person, and now I have a family. Everything Brooks has ended up doing is something he wanted to do.

**Edelstein pans Sherlock Holmes movies. And pans Young Adult. fetching delusional bitch from hell. Of Tatoo, not a good comment either. Tinker, Tailor, Soldier-Spy is hard to follow. Re-immersion in Cold War universe. Mission Impossible characters act like they are in the hands of someone familiar with indestrucible cartoon characters. TinTin is Indiana Jones squared. War Horse. We need something in these fractured times to remind us of our humanity. In the end, War Horse was the only movie that got Edelstein's complete backing.

** Hail and farewell. Steve Jobs had a knack for blowing us away. He thought differently. Excerpts from Stanford speech. Elizabeth Taylor appeared in some 50 movies. I've read my own obituary and they were the best reviews I ever had. Sidney Lumet never won an Oscar. Clip from Network. He did get an honorary Oscar. Musical scores of John Barry. Betty Ford. Making it ok to go for treatment. Geraldine Ferraro. America is the land where dreams can come true for all of us. Fred Shuttlesworth. Sargent Shriver. Franlin Kameny. Vaclav Havel. Richard Winters of Easy Company: Band of Brothers. Frank Buckles, last World War I. Norman Cowin. Jerry Ragaboy (Stones' Time is on My Side). Jack LaLanne. Peter Falk. Jerry Lieber. James Arness. 40 million Americans turned into Gunsmoke. Arthur C. Nielsen. Len Lesser as Uncle Leo on Seinfeld. Frances Bay. Harry Morgan. John Strauss. Jeff Conaway. Sherwood Schwartz, Brady Bunch and Gilligan's Island. Shafley of the teleprompter. Robert Pierpoint. David Broder. Dan Weldon. Amy Winehouse. Nick Ashford: Poetry Man. Phoebe Snow.
Inventor of first implantable pacemaker. Joe Frazier. Bubba Smith. Harmon Killebrew. Duke Snider. Al Davis. Clarence Clemmons. Inventor of super glue. Arch West inventor of Doritos. Milton Levine invented the ant farm in 1956. Cow made of butter: Norma Duffy Lyon. Lucian Freud. Cy Twombly. John Chamberlain. Hugh Martin. Christopher Hitchens. Jack Kevorkian. Spoke with Andy Rooney in 1996, Leading nto death of Andy Rooney. Used to having last world. I can't complain about my life. You don't get any luckier than that.

Pulse. Re-gifted: yes 29% no 70%

Bill Geist on Seneca Falls, New York. Model for Bedford Falls in It's a Wonderful Life? Zuzu Cafe. A mecca for Wonderful Life fans. Caroline Grimes who played Zuzu. Carol Combs Mueller who played Janiel. 320 Sycamore. Tommy's Barber Shop.
April 12, 1917. Original story: The Greatest Gift.

Almanac: Dec. 25, 1941. Bing Crosby's White Christmas on the radio. Crosby sang it the next year for the movie Holiday Inn.
Then in 1954 for the movie White Christmas. At the end of the piece, Charles Osgood singing (something else). Then Darlene Love shows up (red dress and white wrap), and they do sing White Christmas together. [As to Sunday Morning, very unusual to have Almanac this close to end of the show.]

Moment of Nature, Spiriva. Marietta burro reserve near Hawthorne, Nevada. Burros as candidates for nativity pagaent.

Charles had a red handkerchief and a sort of green bowtie.

**Of Darlene Love, has an account more in line with what Love said on Sunday Morning:

In 1962, Love was introduced to legendary producer Phil Spector, who asked her to sing lead vocals on the song "He's a Rebel." Love leapt at the chance, and recorded the song for a flat fee of $3,000, a huge sum of money at the time. The single was not released under Love's name, but was credited to "The Crystals," a New York group that was signed to Spector's record label. The song was a number one hit and sold more than 3 million copies, but Love received no royalties. It marked the beginning of a trend that would continue throughout most of her singing career.

Nevertheless, Love continued to record for Spector, sometimes under a band's name, sometimes anonymously. She struggled to persuade Spector to give her a contract, and to allow her to record under her own name. In 1963, Spector promised Love that the single "He's Sure the Boy I Love," would have her name on it--except that he wanted to call her "Darlene Love" after one of his favorite gospel singers, Dorothy Love. "I didn't mind because I didn't think the name would last. I figured Phil would just decide to call me something else again two or three records down the road," Love wrote in her autobiography. "And that was one of the last times Phil Spector and I ever saw eye to eye on anything." When the record was finally released, Love discovered that it was again credited to The Crystals. Of the hundreds of recordings Love made for Spector, the few credited to her name include "(Today I Met) The Boy I'm Gonna Marry," "Wait Til My Bobby Gets Home," and "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)."

AND as to intellectual property:

Two years later [1993], when her career was finally secure, Love decided to take Spector to court for a share of royalties.

Spector denied that he had ever signed a contract with Love--until she was able to produce a decades-old royalty statement. In 1997, a New York Supreme Court jury ruled that Love had indeed signed a contract with Spector, and awarded her $263,000 in royalties. Because the statute of limitations in New York is six years prior to the date the suit was filed, this sum included only royalties dating back to 1987. However, the case was hailed as a landmark victory not just for Love, but for other veteran musicians who were paid a flat recording fee and then watched their records go on to make millions. "Other people of my time will be able to go into court," Love was quoted as saying in Billboard. "The fallout from this is going to be great, I feel."


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