Wednesday, December 07, 2011

A blogger is not a journalist in Oregon

Within an AP post titled Federal judge: Montana blogger is not journalist, one finds text related to the blogger:

Cox said she considered herself a journalist, producing more than 400 blogs over the past five years, with a proprietary technique to get her postings on the top of search engines where they get the most notice.

"What could be more mainstream than the Internet and the top of the search engine?" she said.

The plaintiff suing the blogger for defamation was a lawyer:

Padrick said the case showed how vulnerable anyone was to someone with a computer. He said he has lost business from potential clients who search his name and firm through Google and find Cox's postings at the top of the list, adding that he has no way to remove them.

It was not clear from the AP story how critical the "blogger not journalist" determination was to the final outcome: He [the judge] added that the shield law does not apply to civil actions for defamation.


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