Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Comment on Groupon: "Without doubt, it was my worst ever business decision"

Concerning an article on groupon called Baker Forced to Make 102,000 Cupcakes for Grouponers , the cupcake maker Rachel Brown told the BBC of her deal with Groupon:

"Without doubt, it was my worst ever business decision. We had thousands of orders pouring in that really we hadn't expected to have. A much larger company would have difficulty coping."

One commenter on the article noted:

Groupon trains your customers that your product is NEVER worth full price. People who use Groupon will not become regular customers. They look for a deal and then move on. Groupon is a VERY BAD IDEA for any small business.... Period. I own a small business and will never do a Groupon deal, or others like them. We distribute buy one get one free coupons on our own, when we want to do marketing. Even then, most of the people who use the BOGO coupon never come back, unless they get another coupon. "Coupon people" are not who you want for regulars...

Of a patent connection:



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