Sunday, November 27, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on November 27, 2011

The cover story was by Rita Braver on positive thinking. She began with the story of Mark Herzlich from Boston College who now plays for the New York Giants. Then, Lance Armstrong: a person with a positive optimistic attitude does a lot better. Richard Sloan of Columbia University takes a different view: one person's anecdote does not constitute evidence. [See also: Blind Faith: The Unholy Alliance of Religion and Medicine ] James Coyne of UPenn. [ selected publications ] There are some things you can modify in your life, but cancer is not one of them. Avon Race to raise money for breast cancer. Barbara Ehrenreich did a book criticizing the impact of positive thinking. [See Pathologies of Hope] On the other side: Lee Fortson did book Embrace, Release, Heal. Dr. Barry Boyce of Yale believes attitude may play a role. But, overall belief in positive thinking can be dangerous. James Coyne.

Pulse: 91% believe positive thinking can make life better.

November 27, 1910: opening day for Penn Station in New York City. Covered more than 9 acres. Glenn Miller in Chattanooga Choo Choo. Farley Granger in "Strangers on a Train." Penn Station torn down in 1963 through 1965. We will probably be judged not by the monuments we build but by the monuments we destroy.

Seth Doane on contemporary art in Venice. Biennale draws about 400,000 between June and September. Williams College student interning. 89 countries are taking part this time. The wind machine. New artists come in. Giardini. The Golden Lion award. The US pavilion has an overturned tank with a runner on top. Inside a pipe organ/ATM. Glory of religion/glory of money? Italian pavilion is in the Arsenalle. The theme of the Biennale is illumination. One pavilion involves colored light. Prada took over one house to showcase artists. Don't be afraid to say you don't understand this. Iraq pavilion is about contaminated water.

Mary J. Blige at Macy's Parade. She has 9 Grammys; queen of hip hop soul. Her lyrics reflect her struggles. My Life II. related to her 1994 record My Life. The sexual abuse she experienced at age 5. I can't get angry about an interviewer asking the same stupid questions. She was sent by her record label to an etiquette class. She did say "no" to a name change to "Brown." Mary Jane Blige was born in the Bronx and raised in Yonkers. A tape from a Karaoke booth got her a start. Ghetto Fabulous. Married to Isaacs for 8 years.

Mo Rocca on the impact of divorce on dogs. Story of Baldwin, dog (Portugese water dog). Animals internalize. Baldwin works as a therapy dog in Los Angeles. Susan and Dan agreed with shared custody of Baldwin. Pet custody cases are up 25% in last ten years. Drew Barrymore; Anne Heche. Allusion to war of the roses: what the pate is made of. Woof. Raul Felder, divorce lawyer from New York City. People get attached to animals. Catherine Bentley and dog Trooper. Joint custody. But she left Colorado. Then, re-created divorce process. Pets are treated as property. Bob Brandau, a trainer in New Jersey, disagrees.

David Edelstein on Hugo and The Artist. Martin Scorcese crafts a gargantuan train set of a movie. Story of technological exuberance. In The Artist: too much of an artist to speak. Will silence come back? Not hardly. Rediscover our sense of wonder, with our ears in check.

Mail to Sunday Morning. Criticized Red Hot Chile Peppers piece. Criticized leaf blower story, insignificant dispute. On Stein on post office, favorable. 524 West 57th St., Box O. email:

Erin Moriarty on Ellen Barkin. Nose like Karl Malden? It's not for everyone. Sea of Love. I believe in animal attraction. New York's Lincoln Center: exhibition of classic movie posters. Ellen Barkin on Twitter. Dozens of posts per day. Gingrich has my exact hair cut. Rough language; in your face attitude. Ellen grew up in South Bronx and in Queens. In mid-20s before first work in theater. Very committed to learning her job. Her first break was in Diner. I just want to hear the music, that's all. Barry Levinson. Others: she can't be that girl, she's not pretty. 1989: Sea of Love. Every girl in Hollywood turned the part down. Siesta; Gabriel Byrne. Ron Perlman: how the rich call it quits. An extremely difficult time. Auctioned off jewelry, led to a scene in Sex and the City. The Normal Heart. Ocean's Thirteen. Another Happy Day comes 30 years after role in Diner. Another Happy Day is directed by Sam Levinson. Barkin is now 57. Hollywood has grown accustomed to that face. I like this third act, so far.

Opinion by Ben Stein. Iron bars in front of windows in Beverly Hills. Zombies? Zombie Survival Guide. The first branch of the US government is the inspiration for the zombie craze. The Congressional walking dead. They are in another realm. Time doesn't mean a lot to a zombie. They need a little pick me up. They are not quite in the land of the living.

Martha Teichner on Wiggle Room on jello. See your childhood through it. The Jello museum in LeRoy, New York is based on the connection to Pearle Waite [ from the website: In 1845, Peter Cooper dabbled with and patented a product which was "set" with gelatin. Suffice it to say, it never did "jell" with the American public. In 1897, Pearle Wait, a carpenter in LeRoy, was putting up a cough remedy and laxative tea in his home. He experimented with gelatine and came up with a fruit flavored dessert which his wife, May, named Jell-O. ] Orator F. Woodward buys exclusive rights to Jello. Lynne Belluscio is curator of Jello Museum. Jello girl introduced in 1904. Jack Benny pitched Jello in 1930s. In 1970s, Bill Cosby pitched to kids. 420 million boxes sold per year. Billion jello cups. Now, Jello as an artform. Michelle Zatta. Gelatin design event in a Brooklyn artist studio. Alcoholic Jello shot in the shape of a bullet. The Minibar in Washington, DC. Sodium alginate. Coat a spoonful of colored water. Hot gelatin: agar agar. Shark fin soup minus the shark. Gelatin ravioli. Champaign with jelly balls inside. The power of gelatin. Favorite flavor: cherry 27%.
[As to intellectual property: the guy who patented jello (Cooper) did not enjoy commercial success. Nor did the second guy (Wait). It was a promoter who made Jello a success. The key intellectual property was the trademark. ]

Next week: Charlize Theron.

Moment of nature. Pradaxa. Sierra Nevada Mountains near Lake Tahoe.

***On Face the Nation. Michael Lewis: Boomerang.


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