Sunday, November 20, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on November 20, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for Sunday November 20, 2011. The annual food issue. Eat, drink, and be merry. Now, fat isn't so bad for you. Rita Braver does the cover story on fat is back in fashion. Chew the fat. Fat Chance Second, isn't it rich by Tracy Smith. Thomas Keller. Third. Mark Phillips on the sandwich. The Fourth Earl of Sandwich. Fourth, Mo Rocca on What a Dish, on a movie. Michelle Williams. ["My week with Marilyn"). Bill Geist on toasters, and the annual convention of toaster collectors. Gourmet olive oil; tiki bar.

News: Ghadaffi's son [Saif al-Islam Qaddafi ] arrested in South of Libya. Egyptians marching [ Egyptian military police in riot gear have stormed Tahrir Square ]. Pepper spraying at UC/Davis. Baseball testing for HGH [Baseball's new labor contract will include blood testing for human growth hormone, a rise in the minimum salary to $480,000 ]. Upsets in college football. Weather: line of storms marching across country but sunny on Sunday.

Osgood appears with a healthy breakfast to introduce Braver's cover story. The fat is on the fire. Jennifer McLagan (McGloggin): fat is the misunderstood ingredient. Lard is a four letter word. Jennifer is the author of the book "Fat." Rosemary-infused lard: a delicate flavor. Animal fat can be rich in vitamins and omega-3. Then, some old videoclips. Milk, eggs, bacon. Then, in late 1970s a Senate committee led by George McGovern hit on fat. The Senate report issued in an era of low fat products. Gary Taubes appears. 2010 study appearing in Annals of Medicine. Gordon Tomasselli says saturated fats are bad. Limit saturated fat to 7% of all consumed calories. Egg cooked in olive oil vs. egg cooked in chicken fat. 24% of typical American's calories come from snack foods.

Cattle herder in Kenya lives on 800 calories per day. Book "What I eat". Peter Menzel Museum of Science in Boston. Greenland person: 6700 calories per day. Americans, typically 2000 calories per day.

Next story. Apple picking. Lee Calhoun (Pinnacle, NC) interviewed by Serena Alschuler. Effort to save old Southern apples. Apples were critical part of early American died. Fried for breakfast; stewed for supper. Arkansas black; Swiss limbertwig. Heirloom varieties started to disappear. Blame it on the railroads. Calhoun saved over 500 varieties. Heritage apples. Foggy Ridge Cider. Re-inventing tradition. Restaurants using hard cider. Kazakstan is where apples come from.

1 in 6 Americans not sure where next meal coming from. Story by Mark Strassman begins in Atlanta, with view of expensive houses. Forsythe, GA: yesterday's givers become today's takers. The new poor. Food provider in Forsythe: "The Place." Interview with married retirees in their 70s, after bad investments, they qualify for food stamps. 14.7% of Americans are receiving food stamps. 49 million Americans say have trouble putting food on the table. Spike with problems with former soldiers. Operation Home Front in Atlanta. Hard times have come to Easy Street. Where do they go when they lose a home.

Carnegie Deli sandwich introduces Mark Philips story on invention of sandwich. John Montague, the 11th Earl of Sandwich. He wanted something he could easily eat with one hand. He never knew he invented it, 250 years ago. Might have been called a Portsmouth. The 11th earl needs income. His son is going into the sandwich business. This is a state of the times. We think retail is right at the heart of the economy. Inventing for Britain a new kind of sandwich business. A made to order sandwich business. Bread baked in front of you. It's a very competitive world. Earl of Sandwich version of BLT. Earl of Sandwich shops exist at Disney properties. Sliced bread first sold in 1928 in Chillicothe, Missouri.

Osgood appears in an apron to introduce Tracy Smith story on Thomas Keller. Keller personally insures a standard of excellence that is obsessive. Of the ten top Michelin restaurants, Keller has two on the top list. Keller wants to ensure money spent at restaurant was well worth it. Flowering broccoli. Intense respect for the ingredients. The simple becomes the sublime. $2600 per pound for egg/truffle combo. Keller son of drill instructor. Felt comfortable doing the same thing over and over again. Enjoyed repetition. Opened "The French Laundry" in 1994. Everyone moves quickly in Keller's restaurants. Plaque: Sense of urgency appears below every clock.

Osgood introduces Lee Cowan story on olive oil. Really pungent, really bitter oil is liked by Mike Madison. Extra virgin implies zero defects such as rancidity. UC/Davis center. 70% of imported oil does not meet international standards. Tom Muller, book Extra Virginity. Paradise for fraud. More than 98% of oil in US is imported. California Olive Branch. High Density farming getting olives from branch to mill: has a lot to do with quality of oil. Olive oil is most healthy fat. The higher the quality, the higher the level of antioxidants. Tasting room for olive oil.

Osgood speaks of chopsticks in introducing story by Lucy Craft, Wood you? Track the roots; went to town of Obama in Japan. Heavy hard wood like maple. In 17th century. Baseball bat chopsticks; tiny rulers. Slowing down and savoring every last morsel.

Mo Rocca on Marilyn Monroe movie. She put the x in excess. Her body has just woken up. Michelle Williams in "My week with Marilyn." The Prince and the Showgirl in 1957. Marilyn developed her own character. Marilyn could spin situations.
Do you think this is my best side? Thought every single day about expansion. Balloon attached to breast bone. Point nipples out. Michelle was 31, same age as Marilyn in Prince movie. Michelle emancipated. Dawson's Creek. Brokeback Mountain.
Living hand to mouth on other people's compliments. Tempted to stand over a subway grating? Only at night.

Tiki Bar story. Mai-Kai in Ft. Lauderdale. Tiki was polynesian adam. "The book of Tiki". 1934: Tiki craze, Don the Beachcomber. LA restaurant. In 1936: Trader Vic's in Oakland, CA. The Tiki craze crested with South Pacific. Otto's Shrunken Head. The Zombie, the Scorpion. The Mai Tai (of Trader Vics). A lot of rum makes the tiki drinks.

Waiter story. Sometimes people forget waiters are people. Waiters have feelings. $2.13 per hour. 15 to 20% of bill is what we like for a tip. 14 million Americans will have Thanksgiving at a restaurant this year.

Nancy Giles on bakers on a roll. Brooklyn's Coney Island Ave. Bialys and bagels. Bialys are oniony, hole-free cousin. Bialystok in Poland. Need New York City water. New breed of traditional New Yorker: Pakistani. Ali found a partner, Shah. Two Muslim men running a kosher bakery. A really good bialy has nothing to do with religion. This story ran right into Bill Geist story on toaster convention (no intervening commercial). A toaster fest. Monuments. Ken Huggins.
First American toaster by GE in 1908. Perchers. Floppers and swingers. Club sandwiches: three toast holders. Eddie Craft.
Sliced bread invented in 1920s. Sunbeam toaster. Travel toaster plugged into cigarette lighter. IR toaster. This year's convention in Columbia, South Carolina. Ken is a psychiatrist. Jim Barker fired up a 1923 model. Toaster vulture group. Richard Larrison, jewel box toaster. How do you put a price on a one of kind toaster.

Osgood went right into preview of Face the Nation. Ron Paul is in tie in Iowa caucuses.

Next week, Mary J. Blige.

Moment of Nature. Pradaxa. Among turkeys in Stonewall, Texas.

Osgood wishes everyone a beautiful and bountiful Thanksgiving.

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