Sunday, November 13, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on November 13, 2011

Charles Osgood quickly launched into the cover story for November 13. A woman stepped in front of the cameras with Gloria Allred as her lawyer. Erin Moriarty does the cover story on Allred. Shameless self-promoter? Second up: silence is golden, on a French film director. Third up: Red Hot Chile Peppers. Fourth, Dan Ackroyd interviewed by Michelle Miller. Fifth: Rita Braver on J. Edgar Hoover.

Headlines: 8 Republicans in Spartanburg, SC discussed by UofC Law grad Jan Crawford. Talk about answering 3am phone call. Italian prime minister resigned. Lauder died. NASA astronaut Burbank hitches ride on Soyuz. Penn State lost to Nebraska. Weather: sunny and mild, other than in the Great Lakes.

"She's on the case." She is Gloria Allred and the case is about Herman Cain. A clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live. A strong advocate and a person who tries to win justice for women. Meg Whitman case. In your face style. More people know her name than the vice-president. Charles Barkley shows up. Nathan Goldberg is her law partner: she says what she thinks. She is a bit of a scold. I know how the system works, but it takes advocacy. Lisa Bloom is her only child. Gloria grew up in Philadelphia. She became a lawyer at age 33. Friar's Club in NYC. Jim Moray of Inside Edition. Allred claims to have won her clients over 1/4 billion dollars. Rachel Eucatel, mistress of Tiger Woods. Cancelled press conference. 23 year case with Rita Milla. Interview goes to beach house in Malibu. Passion for justice.

Ben Franklin's take on taxes. Almanac. Nov. 13, 1789: Franklin wrote to French friend: nothing can be said to be certain except death and taxes. Quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes: taxes are the price for a civilized society.

Silent movies. Lee Cohan discusses the movie "The Artist." In black & white and silent. Director: Michel Hazanavicius.

Moment of nature was grizzlies in Yellowstone.


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