Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ayn Rand in the news

One historical figure who would NOT agree with Twain's
"It takes a thousand men to invent a telegraph, or a steam engine, ... and the last man gets the credit "
is Ayn Rand.

Rand is in the news right now concerning a baffling mistake on the title sheets for the newly released DVD and Blue Ray versions of Atlas Shrugged Part I wherein the novel Atlas Shrugged is described as a story of "self-sacrifice."

File this one under "what were they thinking?"

Returning to Twain, that author managed to lose a whole bunch of money investing in a worthless invention, so Twain might not be the "go to" guy for recognizing the concept of invention.


Blogger zoegolightly said...

I hope that this one massive mistake doesn't make a mockery of the film, because it deserves to do really well on DVD. I saw it in theatres and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. Jsu Garcia was wonderful as Francisco D'Anconia and I thought they did just such a wonderful job with Ayn Rand's classic. (I worked with Jsu Garcia on the feature film he did after Atlas Shrugged - The Wayshower) Atlas Shrugged has such a powerful message, so appropriate for today and the world we're living in right now. Definitely feels like there are many wonderful movies coming out helping to lift consciousness. I mean Harry Potter, while they're fantasy, they're really bringing an incredible message for both young and old - about going within and finding your strength and being the change and goodness you want more of in your world. And Inception, Adjustment Bureau, and more.
Working on the movie 'The Wayshower', (inspired by the life of John-Roger) with Jsu Garcia, (and favorites Academy Award nominees Eric Roberts and Sally Kirkland) was incredible and I really hope it gets massive attention when it's released next March. It's so courageous and forward thinking in regards to a very metaphysical abstract portrayal of the journey we all take throughout life and the relationships we have with special mentors and teachers - special Wayshowers that enrich and change our lives forever. I loved this movie so much. So different and ground breaking. Check it out: (sign up for free fanletter including free screening invites)

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