Sunday, November 20, 2011

"60 Minutes" on November 20, 2011

The first story was on Grover Norquist and The Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Norquist worked as a volunteer for Nixon as a 12 year old, and analogized the pledge to branding (eg trademarking) like Coke. Tarnishing the brand was like rats in a Coke bottle.
Steve Croft line: you've got them by the short hairs. Harry Reid on Reps: they never compromise on Grover Norquist.
Americans for Tax Reform are not required to disclose their contributors. Norquist noted contributors have been threatened.
Keystone Pipeline. Last line from Norquist: I help make all this possible.

The second story was on Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF and a lawyer. Lagarde said: "It's become my brand: speaking the truth." Lagarde was at Baker & McKenzie. Lagarde criticized Paulson about decision on banks going under: we are debating what color swimming costume to wear when the tsunami is coming. Lagarde: regulation is needed in the banking area, where countries are exposed to risk. There's life and there's death and this ego business is nonsense compared to that. There was mention of Lagarde's "trademark charm."

Taylor Swift: Proving doubters wrong is a big part of her story. She's a stockbroker's daughter from Bucks County, PA. At spring break 2001, at age 11, she went to Nashville. Someone at RCA offered her a one year development deal. At age 14 she walked out at the end. She's become a brand. Taylor Swift is big, big business. Taylor Swift is a big corporation. Taylor is CEO, and manages hereself. In 2010, grammy for album of the year. Hit single: meanness. It's ok to be ourselves. Every singer with songs out there is raising the next generation.


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