Friday, October 14, 2011

Politico reporter resigns after plagiarism accusation

The editors at Politico had this to say of their standards:

“Editors’ note: One of the inviolable principles of journalism, one we live by at POLITICO, is that the work we publish must be genuinely our own. Whenever we must rely on reporting or ideas that were first produced by others, our policy is to cite and/or link to these sources by name, and aim to be fully transparent with our audience. In all other instances, our readers deserve full confidence that the reporting and writing in POLITICO is original. We learned Thursday of a case where a reporter published work in POLITICO that fell short of this bright line. We are taking action in response, including this explanation of what happened to our readers.”

Taken from piece by Betsy Rothstein,

Cross-reference to: Editor-in-Chief John Harris and Executive Editor Jim VandeHei


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