Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Plagiarism issues in Jobs/apple silhouette

The discussion over the Steve Jobs silhouette / Apple logo illustrates some differences between copyright law and patent law.
In copyright law, independent creation is a defense; in patent law it is not.

From AFP's Hong Kong Apple tribute designer denies plagiarism :

But the 19-year-old student [ Jonathan Mak ] has been forced to fend off allegations of plagiarism after web users pointed out that a similar logo was first created by a UK-based designer, known as Raid71 online.

"I did my best to ensure that the idea hadn't been done before by searching for terms such as 'Apple, Steve Jobs, logo, silhouette' before I came out with the design," the second-year student told AFP.

He said he was not aware of Raid71's work until he was told by readers of his blog.

"I don't dispute he came out with the design before me, but we arrived at the same design independently," he said.
The two logo-tributes have different dimensions and the UK designer used a black Apple logo instead of a white one.


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