Monday, October 03, 2011

Gary Odom whacks Hal Wegner on PTAB proposal

From the PatentHawk blog:

Sage plutocrat Hal Wegner proposes that patent agents be proscribed from practicing before the new Patent Trial and Appeal Board, blaming the current appeal backlog on patent agents having "no formal legal training." "The far too frequent presentation of ill-considered appeal briefs at the Board must be minimized." Hal wants slicker reptilian obfuscation from higher-priced lawyers. Next up on Hal's hit list - those lame pro se prosecutors that are creating a backlog with their dime-store applications. After all, the only "people" deserving patent protection are corporations.

IPBiz recalls all the patent reformers who complained that patent lawyers were responsible for the problems with the patent system. The apparent solution of patent reform: more patent lawyers.

Recall an earlier IPBiz post [
Demonizing patent attorneys?
] -->

In a review of the Jaffe/Lerner book, Brad Stone (Newsweek Web, Oct. 13, 2004) wrote in Plain Text: Patent Problems: But [the Forgent lawsuit] is evidence of a system out of control. The patent process seems to incentivize pinstriped lawyers instead of white-smocked inventors.

AND from Getting the Patent Reform Wars on Track

Ironically, Jaffe and Lerner, while demonizing patent attorneys, propose "reforms" such as opposition proceedings, which would benefit patent attorneys, even though there are patent lawyers who have vocally opposed reforms creating opposition proceedings. Thus, Jaffe and Lerner do not mention the publications Joseph Hosteny such as "Post-Grant Opposition: Building on Sand," Intellectual Property Today [IPT], pp. 8-9 (August 2004) or What Now? Post-Grant Oppositions and the Proposed Budget, IPT pp. 8-9 (March 2005).


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