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CBS Sunday Morning on October 2, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for October 2, 2011. America's military underwent a change in command this week. David Martin on Admiral Mullen. Second, Mo Rocca on prohibition. Third, Lady Antebellum by Ben Tracy. Fourth, "The Duke" by John Blackstone. John Wayne's family is sharing some keepsakes and memories. Tracy Smith on Tyra Banks and her novel. Amanda Knox. Anthony Mason. Tribute to Andy Rooney.

News. State Dept issued a travel warning. Anti Wall Street demonstrators arrested. Bank of America's website has had problems.
Ferris wheel/plane crash in Australia. Baseball playoffs. Forecast for Sunday: football weather for the northeast. Temperatures in the south will rise again.

Admiral Mike Mullen has been speaking out. David Martin does the cover story on Mike Mullen. "My plan is to take a long winter's nap." Appearing on Jon Stewart: An opportunity to address an audience. Showing Mullen on The View and with the Muppets. Trip to University of Miami. Mullen was shocked by how little the general population knew about the 1% who serve. Men and women and wives who are suffering. You cannot move fast enough. Of gays: it is fundamentally an integrity issue. Chairman as agent of cultural change. Mullen was chief of naval operations. Gates called Mullen in. Fall of 2007, Afghanistan. Nothing on the shelf for Afghanistan. Priority for the Iraq war. Now, 40K in Iraq and 97K in Afghanistan. McChrystal matter. Mullen made call to Pakistan about Bin Laden matter. Pakistan's ISI had helped Haqqani network. Mullen wears a bracelet in memory of those who have fallen; Cpl. Jessica Ellis, died May 11, 2008.

A rascally birthday. Oct. 2, 1928. George McFarland born in Dalllas. Hal Roach studios. Spanky established himself a leader of the Rascals. By age 13, he outgrew the Gang. 1989 CBS interview: Spanky got no residuals. Died of a heart attack in 1993.
He appeared in Cheers.

Norris Church Mailer talked about Mailer to Anthony Mason. She was a model. She died three years after Norman. A ticket to the Circus by Norris Church Mailer. Norman's: The Armies of the Night. I don't know why I was surprised to see elephants. Norma Jean Davis. Our eyes met. She was 26 and he was 52. She became famous for enduring Norman Mailer. Norman became an established family name. Norman already had seven kids. Norris and Norman became the literary it couple. In 1991, she had suspicions about Mailer's fidelity. Norman: rise above it. They were together 33 years. If I had left I would have wondered what he was up to. I never trusted him again. Doctor told her: 99% chance of not surviving her surgery. She died at age 61. "Maybe I do have wings."

[from wikipedia: His sixth and last wife, whom he married in 1980, was Norris Church Mailer (née Barbara Davis, 1949–2010), an art teacher. In her autobiography A Ticket to the Circus, Norris Church recounts of a rape and a miscarriage.[24] They had one son together, John Buffalo Mailer, a writer and actor, and Mailer informally adopted Matthew Norris, her son by her first husband, Larry Norris. Living in Brooklyn, New York and Provincetown, Massachusetts with Mailer, Church worked as a model, wrote and painted. ]

President Roosevelt's clock on prohibition. Mo Rocca talked about night clubs, speed boats, and the mob. 1920-1933: the years of prohibition. Book: "Last Call." In 1830, 7.3 gallons of alcohol per year. Ken Burns and Lyn Novick take on Prohibition. Peter Coyote voice clip. The "dry coalition" was diverse. The KKK was involved. The epitome of strange bedfellows. The KKK supported women's suffrage. The ASL was the anti-saloon league. Nowadays, like the NRA as one issue. Westerville, Ohio was center of the ASL. Lager uber alles. Schlitz, Pabst, Anheuser-Busch were all Germans. Picture of a baby with a beer stein. 18th : January 17, 1920. As criminality expanded, the issue was understood. Walgreens. Then stock crash. You can't legislate against human appetite. 21st amendment in 1933, the only time in history a constitutional amendment has been repealed.

Farewell to Arch West, who created Doritos. Encountered chips at a snack shack in 1961. Picture of a Jay Leno doing Dorito ad. Wayne's World. Homemade Dorito commercial. 23 different flavors. Tossed Doritos into his grave at funeral. [From West, a marketing executive with the American snack food company Frito-Lay, was on holiday in San Diego in 1961 when he bought some fried Mexican tortilla chips at a roadside stall. He developed the chip into a new product which he called “Dorito” — from “doradito” (Spanish for “little golden”).]

Lady Antebellum on SNL on Oct. 1. Ben Tracy does the interview. Last year's Need You Now was second best selling album of the year. Finally easing into its worldwind success. Hillary Scott. Dave Haywood and Charles Kelley, grew up in Augusta, GA.
Attended University of Georgia. "Carpe diem is on vacation." Charles moved to Nashville. Charles posted some songs on MySpace, and Hillary found them. All We'd Ever Need. Charles and Dave came face to face with some antebellum homes. Played together at a Nashville bar. Need you now: It's a quarter after one. A drunk dial to an ex. Lady A got record of the year and song of the year at this year's Grammys.

Peter van Sant, Sunday journal on Amanda Knox case. Peruggia, Italy. Sensational murder trial of Amanda Knox from Seattle.
Nina Burley: the fatal gift of beauty. Meredith Kurcher murdered in November 2007. An independent panel had concluded the DNA evidence was unreliable. On Oct. 3, Amanda Knox makes a statement to the court.

Tyra Banks is profiled by Tracy Smith. Former Victoria's Secret lingerie model. At 37, Banks is going strong. In 2009, Forbes listed her as highest paid women in prime time. Banks was raised by her single mom in LA. Ethiopian famine has reached East LA. Tyra's mom started Tyra's portfolio. Her mother wanted her to go to college. First African American on SI swim suit cover.
"America's Next Top Model" started in 2003. Write what you know. Modelland. Monsters and mutants. An evergrowing media empire. She is a student at Harvard Business School. Owner/management course costs 31K per year. Have you been undereestimated? All the time. Wind at my face. America's next top mogul. Expectations were always sky high. You did good momma. [See also story on CBS Sunday Morning on February 6, 2011.]

Clip of Wayne in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance: Liberty Valance is the toughest man south of the picket wire, next to me. John Blackstone does story on John Wayne. Ethan Wayne is John Wayne's youngest son. John Wayne ranked 3rd after Depp and Denzel Washington. Powerful control of self. Personal items will be sold at public auction in Los Angeles. Let some of this go out. Eyepatch from True Grit. Patrick Wayne is shown. Big Jake. You be scared over there. Marion Morrison. Nicknamed Duke after his favorite dog. The Searchers: the greatest Western ever made, according to some. Gruff take charge men of action. He was a hawk on Vietnam. Wayne: looked at as model of American manhood. Presidential Medal of Freedom is NOT up for sale. Ethan was 17 when John Wayne died at 72.

Andy Rooney has done commentaries for Sunday Morning. Doctors should be careful about our time. Thanksgiving is exclusively ours. We have more to be thankful for. On Ageing. Eating at a restaurant in Ohio.

Next week. Mo Rocca on Ellen DeGeneres.

Moment of nature. Spiriva HandiHaler. Garden of butterflies near Conyers, Georgia.


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