Thursday, October 06, 2011

"Black Swan" and unpaid interns

In August 2011, CBS "Sunday Morning" did a story on unpaid internships. There is now a lawsuit relating to internships on the movie "Black Swan." See for example Unpaid Internships: Lawsuit Filed, possible class action

Of the labor law issues, from "Black Swan" lawsuit stirs debate on role of interns

Howard Fabrick, a labor attorney at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Field, said that for their own sake, he counsels studios and his other clients against offering internships unless they recruit workers from colleges.

"Cheap labor is not an unknown motivating factor and there certainly are employers who take advantage of it," Fabrick said. "Basically, though, these places should not get involved in not paying interns unless they're sponsored by an educational institution. Employers need a defense to protect themselves."

**And, as to intellectual property, what if an unpaid intern comes up with some IP?? Who owns it?


CBS Sunday Morning on August 14, 2011

Intern Queen Inc. 2010 survey results: 42% with internships got job, vs. 30% getting jobs without internships AND a difference in salary: 42K (previous internship) vs. 35K salary (no previous internship).


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