Sunday, October 16, 2011

"60 Minutes" on October 16, 2011

Topics for October 16, 2011:

Afghanistan: 10 years out.
Vincent va Gogh suicide? how did he get the gun? Theory that he was shot by a couple of boys fits all the facts.

Scott Pelley on "Running the War." Ryan Crocker new American ambassador; General John Allen, formerly Dean of Students at the Naval Academy. Allen: US forces will still be in Afghanistan after 2014. After withdrawal in Sept., America will still have over 70,000 troops. Crocker: the American people understand what's at stake here. Crocker: was on a flight landing at LaGuardia on Sept. 11, 2001. Allen: Taliban fighters number in the few thousands. The ANSF is not operationally committed. It requires a large footprint. Deal with them "kinetically," Marine talk for shooting them. Interview with Colonel Frank; travel in mine-resistant trucks. Hometown of Mullah Omar. Clear the enemy, and build. It take a platoon to convince a village that it is safe. The Hakani (Haqqani) network.

Morley Safer begins the piece on Van Gogh (1853-1890) in Auvers, with Steven Naifeh, co-author of the book on an alternative theory of his death. Then in Paris by a self-portrait of van Gogh. In nine years, van Gogh turned out over 1000 paintings. Greg Smith is the other co-author. Out of his loneliness, van Gogh connected with people through portraits. Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam gave the authors access to previously unpublished letters. Theo van Gogh supported Vincent. Van Gogh's father died of a stroke. The world is an angry and hostile place; art consoles people. In 1888, Vincent found Paul Gauguin. Later, a major psychotic episode. Felix Ray. Temporal lobe epilepsy. How did van Gogh get the gun?

1956 movie: Lust for Life, starring Kirk Douglas. Van Gogh died 70 days after his arrival in Auvers, sort of a Hamptons of the 1890s. Van Gogh turned out a picture a day in Auvers. Sunday, July 27, 1890. It was about a mile from where Vincent was (supposedly) painting to where he turned up at the inn. Alternative site for shooting Rue Boucher. The doctors told the police that the bullet path was at a crazy angle, and shot at a distance. Auberge Ravou.

Consolation for humanity.

link to Naifeh book Vincent Van Gogh Did Not Commit Sucide He May Have Been Murdered


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