Saturday, September 24, 2011

-- "trivial and obvious 'inventions'" are overwhelming the patent system--

from californiastemcellreport, on Andy Grove's -- "key to progress or bridge to nowhere?" --:

Grove's message is not new. In a Forbes magazine article in 2008, Kerry Dolan reported that in a speech at a neuroscience conference,

"Grove roundly criticized research funding at the National Institutes of Health, the unwillingness of researchers to share data and the lack of urgency in translating basic science into treatments that can help people. 'What is needed is a cultural revolution that values curiosity, follow-through and a problem-solving orientation and also puts the data being generated in full view, scrutinizable by all.'"
Heretical is what some might call his views, particularly regarding intellectual property. He says "trivial and obvious 'inventions'" are overwhelming the patent system. Overzealous pursuit of IP rights, which are ostensibly given out by the federal government for society's benefit, are keeping products off the market. The result is crippling innovation.


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