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"Sunday Morning" on Sept. 4, 2011: Eastman's patent issuance celebrated on almanac feature

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for September 4, 2011. The cover story is by Rebecca Jarvis and concerns the current plight of American workers. Next, John Blackstone on "Dirty Jobs." The anniversary for Sept 11 is in one week. Story by Tracy Smith on new site in NYC. Then, repeat of Keith Richards story by Anthony Mason.

Headlines for September 4, 2011 began with Tropical Storm Lee, with 40 mph winds and lots of rain. There's a prediction of 10-15 inches of rain for the affected areas. There was a clip of New Orleans mayor Mitch Landry. The Army Corps of Engineers is planning to turn on one of the three big post-Katrina pumps. Excess water gets pumped into Lake Ponchatrain. Separately, AP is reporting possible terrorist action, possibly involving small planes, for Sept. 11. Sarah Palin in Iowa. DSK back in France.

The cover story on September 4, 2011 was about unemployment in America. The preface noted that Labor Day was started to honor America's Labor. This is a cruel joke to America's 14 million now unemployed.

This summer has felt like an economic ice storm. Harry Holzer, econ prof at Georgetown. Unemployment rate 9.1%. First time since 1945: net job change was zero. American companies are doing more and more with less and less.

What about small business? Only 4% think this is a good time. Bill Dunkelberg: two issues. consumer confidence is low. policy squabbles in Washington. Obamacare constitutional? Everything up in the air now, is making it worse. Number of mfg jobs has fallen by half in last 30 years. Where have all the goods jobs gone? Health care; construction. Workers need a higher level of skill for new jobs. You have to be very well skilled for new jobs. Bit on job training in the Bronx. "For school" in Latin Quinlan Ayala is President. PerScale. There are thousands of IT jobs across country going unfilled. Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn. There are jobs out there if only people can find them. Vision: a world that connect jobs to people. Weiner envisions a digital crystal ball.
Return to Orion and the 1800 workers it employs. There futures are connected to the new car, the Sonic.

Ahead. Picture perfect.

Almanac US Patent 388,850 issued September 4, 1888, the patent of George Eastman and trademark registration of Kodak Kodachrome: the color film that became the stuff of legend. Biggest color show: the colorama at Grand Central Station in NYC: 18X60 feet. Production of Kodachrome halted in 2009. Kodak is struggling to re-invent itself as a digital imaging company.

Tracy Smith does the future on new world trade center site. Bryant Gumble clip from September 11, 2011 and associated pix. Architect David Childs. Will it fall over? and Childs said "no". Word Trade Center site was trapped in a tug of war. The initial site displaced a whole neighbor. A joke that the first buildings were the boxes the Empire State Building.
In 2003 a plan for the new site was chosen. Freedom Tower to rise 1776 feet. Skidmore was brought in. Childs wanted to do an obelisk. Anybody can draw the Washington Monument. An iconic building that would be a marker for that event. A floor a week. Clip of floor 74/75. 1 World Trade is the number one terrorist target. The old twin towers were hollow steel tubes.
The new will be a sky high fortress. Withstand a 747 loaded with fuel. End date for construction projected for 2013. There will be a light at the top of the spire flashing and meaning New York, New York.

A month after opening 1973, WTC eclipsed in height by Chicago's Sears Tower. Carol Willis of Skyscraper Museum. Steel Frame construction. In 1930 Bank of Manhattan, then Chrysler Bulding, then Empire State Building, then WTC. Now structure 2700 feet in Dubai is tallest. China has big plans. But other than new WTC, no new tall buildings planned for US.

Next, "Down and Dirty," on Mike Rowe's tv show about dirty jobs. "And this is my job" a punch line. The point of the show not to produce a big story but to show you what happens. "Dirty Jobs" shows the dignity of what can be found in hard work. Viewers cut Mike a lot of slack in Mike's trying to do the job. The show started in 2005 and Mike has done over 300 jobs.
"Skulls Unlimited" job was the smelliest. Collecting garbage in Chinatown. Lawrence Jackson III does midnight Chinatown run, like a demented Santa Claus. Mike grew up in Baltimore, and worshipped his grandfather. Look into getting another sort of toolbox. Starting in 1984 he sang with Baltimore Opera Company. Then QVC, in late 1980s. In 2001, magazine show in San Francisco. A bar called Grumpy's. Invented idea of "someone's got to do it." First story: artificial insemination of a cow. The bosses at CBS turned it down; not Fox. The DiscoveryChannel bought it, but wanted it called Dirty Jobs. Website: MikeRoweWorks. In May 2011, Rowe appeared before Senate Commerce Committee. On Dirty Jobs, Rowe shows us what real work looks like. Rowe: People think I'm a spokesman for blue collar America. I'm not. I'm a fan.

Osgood talked about the weather in 2011. First, the heat, with accompanying lack of rain. Winds and tornados. Rains were relentless. Hurricane Irene saved its worst for Vermont. $35 billion in damage. Climate change favors extremes.

Still to come, Keith Richards on life as a rolling stone.

Martha Teichner reports on the World Trade Center, then and now. Windows on the World restaurant on 106-107 floors of north tower, which opened in 1976. Now, chef runs Porterhouse New York. Michael Lamonico is alive because he didn't go straight to his office on Sept. 11, 2001. "It was a terrible thing to see. Who's up there?" Elisabeth Ortiz human resources director. I couldn't be alone at night. Struggling to comprehend. Lost; they haven't been found. 74 "windows on the world" employees died. Windows employees came from 16 nations. "Windows of Hope" family relief fund. No restaurant is planned for the top of the new world trade center.

Anthony Mason does Sunday profile on Keith Richards. It's sometimes said there are two Keith Richards. Once dubbed the world's most elegantly wasted human. He is one half of Jagger and Richards. "I've never considered myself a professional."
Richards lives in Connecticut, to raise his two daughters with Patty Hansen. If Keith Richards didn't exist, rock n roll would have to invent him. The snorting of his father ashes; did a line of dad. Rest planted under oak tree. Richards grew up in Darby.
Rick Kelly of Carmine Street Guitar Shop. Richards met Jagger at Dartford Train Station (1962). Playing guitar Chuck style (Chuck Berry). Jagger did lyrics; Keith the riffs. Buccaneering attitude. Part of the reason to take drugs was to hide. Toughest thing Richards was his son dying (Anita Pallinburg). In the 1980s, Stones didn't tour much. Richards doesn't like to socialize, like Jagger does. The Stones, like a marriage with no divorce. My job is to turn Mick on. Keith Richards is ready to start gathering material for volume 2 of life. [refer to previous broadcast on October 24, 2010.]

Ben Stein on rate of productivity in US. Output per worker is rising but much slower than before. Maybe everyone is talking on cell phone. 6 billion minutes per day on cell phones. Turn off the phone and get to work. [definitely a fluff piece]

Some text on Labor Day from Osgood. The summer season fades away with the coming of Labor Day. Straight ahead and carry on.

Osgood noted there will be no Sunday Morning next week; they will return on Sept. 18.

Moment of nature by Pradaxa. Swans on Orendequoit Bay, near Rochester, New York. [swan song for summer]


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