Monday, September 19, 2011

New Jersey's Trenton as Dodge City?

About four years ago, in June 2007, IPBiz ran a post titled Life is tough on Mill Hill in Trenton . For those unfamiliar with Trenton, the Hughes Justice Complex housing the Appellate Division is just down the hill from Joe's Mill Hill Saloon, and the Mercer County Law Division is just two blocks from the Saloon.

On Friday, September 16, the Trenton Times ran a headline Man gunned down in Trenton's Mill Hill neighborhood in broad daylight about someone being shot in the head at 3pm on Thursday, September 15.

Trenton's other newspaper, the Trentonian, ran the following text:

"You should hear the police radio -- officers are screaming for help," the source told The Trentonian on Saturday night [17 Sept 2011].

Call after call came into The Trentonian on Sunday [18 Sept 11] with reports of shootings and armed robberies. A source corroborated the woman who called in the Beakes/MLK shooting, while also reporting the armed robbery at Brothers Discount on East State.

At The Trentonian’s Facebook page, a TPD cop wrote this: “Yeah I am a laid off cop who lives on the hundred block of Barnt. I am in the process of moving my family to Oregon. Thanks Mayor Mack for helping me decide to move and keep my tax dollars from this (expletive) of a city. My family has CONTINUALLY served in the police department since 1971.

“I had hopes that my boys would follow in my footsteps, not happening now. As far as the shooting, is anyone really shocked?

“I mean it’s like the doors were opened at the zoo when 104 of my colleagues and I were laid off. Good luck and Godspeed to all the residents who won’t and cannot leave.”

And on Sept. 20, from Trenton Times story Trenton man is critically wounded in city drive-by shooting:

- The victim of a drive-by shooting on the 100 block of Liberty Street in Trenton was listed in critical but stable condition last night after he was shot in the left lower back, police said.

The shooting happened shortly after 11:00 p.m. [Sept. 19], when police received multiple calls on reports of a man shot at 63 Liberty St., Sgt. Rolando Ramos said.


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