Saturday, September 24, 2011

Law & Order on DSK

The allisonleotta blog covered Law & Order: SVU's season 13 premiere which was "ripped from the headlines" of the DSK case. Curiously, it didn't mention the reference within the TV show to "another DSK."

Linus Roache: "These cases are about perception, not reality." Later: "I don't see a win here." "The new DA wants to drop the charges." "If we press a case we can't win, we convince the next victim to remain silent."

The victim in the case had a conviction for prostitution in the Sudan. The rape shield law has an exception if the complainant has a conviction in the last three years.

In the TV show, the foreign politician goes to trial, but the difference is split.

The demise of Detective Stabler is a subtheme in the show.

cross-reference: Franco Nero


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