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CBS Sunday Morning on September 25, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for September 25, 2011. The first Sunday morning of fall, marking the beginning of a new (tv) season. "In the pursuit of pleasure" is the cover story by Susan Spencer. Life's little pleasures. Second up, Rita Braver on the real Rin Tin Tin. The dog goes back to Warner Brothers and silent films, then known as "the mortgage lifter." Mo Rocca is on Roseanne Barr and macademia nuts, on a nut farm in Hawaii. Then, Bill Geist on "father of the bride." Spencer Tracy and Steve Martin. Wallet open; mouth closed. Then, Anthony Mason on suit shopping.

Headlines for Sept. 25. Herman Cain, the surprise winner in FL straw poll. Putin nominated to be president in Russia. The two Americans released from Iran, are now in New York. Amanda Knox trial. Diana Nyad back in water, FL to Cuba. Treated for jellyfish stings. Weather: east coast to be blanketed by rain.

Osgood: We all partake in the pursuit of pleasure. Susan Spencer started with a sunset, then went to a dessert, and a weekend in Paris. Pleasure is an instantaneous feeling. An Emory prof noted sleep is always on the list of pleasures. Paul Bloom's book: How Pleasure Works. An experiment on wine drinkers done by Stanford and Caltech. Humans are tricked by price; dogs are not. Humans get pleasure by spending enormous sums. Michael Jackson, 1.8 million. Clapton's guitar: almost 1 million. Query: how much for George Clooney's sweater? The value: if thoroughly washed, clothing articles of celebrities lose value. Magnolia Bakery in New York City. Weird pleasures. Stinking cheese. Paul Rozen. Hot chile peppers. Amazing negative experience. Benign masochism. Why we enjoy horror movies, sad songs (Orbison's Crying). Mastery of negative experience gives pleasure. Push the limit of how hot the pepper is. Push your pleasure to your own limit. Gregory Burns of Emory. Alternating water and juice. Subjects liked the juice, even more when unexpected. The first experience is the best. Treasure those pleasures AND there's always room for something new.

Almanac. Sept 15, 1513. Vasco Nunez de Balboa saw the Pacific and called the Pacific "the South Sea." Magellan called it the Pacific. 60 million square miles. Home to Mariana Trench. "Tales of the South Pacific" which inspired Rogers and Hammerstein's "South Pacific." [Query: did Marco Polo see the Pacific first?] In 2009, George Bush designated national monuments in the Pacific.

It's the new season on Sunday Morning. Bill Flanagan of MTV. When Superman and Batman teamed up in the old days, Flanagan was excited. Now lots of teaming up. Wynton Marsalis and Eric Clapton teaming up. Kanye West and Jay-Z. Lulu: Lou Reed and Metallica. Mick Jagger in Super Heavy (Dave Stewart, Josh Stone, etc.) Musicians who are not pretending to be Keith Richards. Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams. Merle Haggard, etc. Carrie Underwood and Tony Bennett. And Lady Gaga, And Amy Winehouse. Album release schedule is like Noah's Arc, coming out two-by-two. Superman Rebooted. DC Comics is re-launching 52 titles. New outfits. Reverse aging. Clark Kent will be more brooding. Batwoman coming out as a lesbian. DC Comics are being made available online. Piece ended with the Joker.

Custom made suits, by Anthony Mason. London Street, Saville Row. Michael Caine in the Italian Job. Michael Jackson. Chittleborough and Morgan. Bespoke. Custom made garments to the specification of the customer. Henry Poole and Company set up in 1840's. 3000 pounds (5000 dollars) for a suit. Who's buying them? Proprietors won't discuss customers until they are dead. Charles Dickens, Buffalo Bill Cody, King Edward VII. Winston Churchill ordered until 1929. Royal warrants to make uniforms. These are made the way they were 130 years ago. Eaves and Hawkes at 1 Saville Road. The naval uniforms of Prince Charles are made here. Armani called Saville Row a bad British comedy, lost in the past. Pierce Brosnan. Richard James. Angus Cundy at Poole re-introduced the Churchill suit fabric. Americans account for 40% of Poole's business.

The new season in art, by Fast Draw. Chevy lowrider, Pacific Standard Time exhibit, in Los Angeles. In Bentonville, Crystal Bridges Museum of Art, opens Nov. 11. Asian Art Museum in San Francisco. The Philadelphia Museum of Art: Rembrandt.
Brooks Museum in Memphis: 1000 years of weapon making. Armed and dangerous. Richmond: museum of Edgar Allan Poe.
Vincent van Gogh only sold one painting during his lifetime.

The Rin Tin Tin piece started with an image of a puppy. 12th generation Rin Tin Tin. New York Stock Exchange Bell. Yo, Rinty.
Susan Orlean book on the legend of Rin Tin Tin. Something innocently heroic. The first Rin Tin Tin appeared in the 1920's in silent movies. Kevin Halloran at museum in Riverside, CA. Film: Finding Rin Tin Tin. Popular French folklore character. Lee Duncan. Where the North Begins by Warner Brothers. Rin Tin Tin, noble dog raised by wolves. The dog who saved Warner Brothers. The mortgage lifter. Nanette was his "wife." Talkies eliminated Rin Tin Tin. Dogs don't talk. But, The Lone Defender.
The original dog died in 1932. "Junior" became the heir. Rin Tin Tin the third enlisted in the army. Dogs for war. The army needed something to cause people to donate dogs. In 1954, the tv series. Competition with Lassie. In 1960, Lee Duncan died.
Original Rin Tin Tin re-buried in Paris.

New season in movies. Moneyball. 50/50 on surviving cancer. Take Shelter (Michael Shannon). The Ides of March. Three re-makes: Footloose, The Thing, and The Three Musketeers. Anonymous (Shakespeare). In Time. Like Crazy.
There have been 27 movie sequels in 2011.

Next Roseanne, Sunday Morning Profile by Mo Rocca. 23 years since beginning on network tv. Today, she's 58, living on a farm in Hawaii. Honey. 46 acre macademia nut farm, featured on reality tv show. Wild boars. Goats. Black sheep named Roseanne Barr. Study in El Segundo, CA. I am enjoying my life post-menopause. Tyranny of biology. Disastrous rendition of national anthem at Padres game in 1990. The uterus as a tracking device. Girl version of Jackie Gleason. The struggles of a working class family. The themes of the tv show are even more relevant today. Born Jewish in Salt Lake City. Fascinating Womanhood. The Domestic Goddess. Don't roar at jokes. Roseanne re-defined the domestic goddess. Volcano goddess. National anthem debacle was worst thing that happened to her. She recently did anthem for softball game. Facing the biggest mistake you ever made and doing a re-do. The reality show known as Roseanne's life keeps on going.
Trivia --> Shortest lived tv series: ABC's "Turn On" in 1969, which did not air on the West Coast for episode 1.

Bidding on contents of storage lockers. A&E's "Storage Wars." In comparison, Storage Hunters. AND Auction Hunters. Men bid hundreds of dollars for rooms of junk. Severed head as in Silence of the Lambs. Turning trash into treasure. You don't see on tv: the people who couldn't pay the storage fees. The locker contained someone's life. Other show: Hoarders.

Pulse: Summer provides 45% of fondest memories of all seasons for polled people

Bill Geist on "father of the bride." Libby. Father/daughter dance. Wedding reception in Geist's backyard. Thousands of decisions to be made in planning a wedding and the father of the bride makes none of them. Wallet open/mouth shut. Labelling the rest room. Bride and bridesmaids being beautified. On the verge of tears all day. You think back on all the times you shared, and you can't get them back. Libby's dog Barclay led the procession. The groom Kevin (Willes). Reception began at the beach,with fotos and celebration.

Bob Schieffer marks 20 years at Face the Nation.

Next week on Sunday Morning: America's time with prohibition.

Sunday Morning Moment of Nature: Sunrise over old Cape Cod. (No mention of a sponsor, like Spiriva, etc.!)

Closing music from Marsalis/Clapton.


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