Sunday, September 25, 2011

"60 Minutes" on September 25, 2011

The nation's largest counterterrorism force is described by NYC Police Commissioner Kelly. National Socialist Movement in Trenton, NJ. Trey Parker and Matt Stone on South Park discuss the play "Book of Mormon."

There are 137 heads of state in NYC this week. Ray Kelly, born in NYC 70 years ago, has a law degree and a masters degree from Harvard. There are 1000 officers that are part of the antiterrorism presence. Kelly started as NYPD cadet. There are 35,000 uniformed officers in the NYC police force. Kelly gave "60 Minutes" a look at NYC's counterterrorism bureau. People who have medical procedures with radioisotopes trigger the NYC radiation detectors. Jessica Tisch monitors the department analyzing electronic cameras. The police force has officers speaking 60 different languages. The NYPD cricket league was developed to cater to Pakistani children. As to a message for terrorists, Kelly referenced Humphrey Bogart in the movie Casablanca.

The murder of Jeff Hall in Riverside, CA by his son Joseph. Shortly before his death, Hall was in front of the New Jersey Capitol in Trenton, NJ. Joann Patterson was Hall's mother. On Saturday, April 30, Hall held his last Nazi get-together. At 4:02 am, there was an emergency call. Son Joseph used a .357 magnum. There are only 9 cases of a ten year killing a parent since 1980. Why did Jeff Hall become a Nazi? The economy. Jeff tried and tried to get work. Hall met Jeff Scoggin, a Nazi leader. He asserted the Nazis were a white civil rights organization. Megan Hall was Jeff's sister.

Parker and Stone previously did "Blame Canada." "The Book of Mormon" is sold out for the next five months. Parker and Stone met at a film class at the University of Colorado. They raised money for a musical Cannibal about Packer. "Spirit of Christmas" was a five minute cartoon that featured conflict between Jesus and Santa Claus. They got a contract for six episodes on Comedy Central. South Park is a real place. If Archie Bunker was 8 years old, I bet you could do it. The show has lawyers which vet material. They discussed a Tom Cruise episode. Their only target audience is each other. If something makes them both laugh, it's in the show. Matt Stone is more ruthless as to satire.


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