Monday, August 08, 2011

US Patent 7,970,543: of, and through, the Department of Commerce

US 7,970,543, titled Predicting tropical cyclone destructive potential by integrated kinetic energy according to the Powell/Reinhold scale, lists as inventors Powell and Reinhold and cites papers to Powell et al.

The patent is assigned to The United States of America, represented by the Secretary of Commerce. The patent was examined by the USPTO, a branch of the Department of Commerce. The prosecuting law firm was Novak, Druce, and Quigg, which notes of the third named person:

To further enhance our practice, Novak Druce was honored to have Donald J. Quigg join the firm, former USPTO Commissioner and the first to institute patent reexaminations, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to the firm and our clients.

The first claim of the '543 patent:

A method for determining the severity of a tropical storm selected from the group consisting of hurricanes and typhoons, according to a combined Wind Destructive Potential (WDP) Scale and a Storm Surge Destructive Potential (SDP) Scale, (otherwise jointly known as the Powell/Reinhold Scale), wherein said WDP relating to structural and loading and the non-linear nature of wind damage to residential structures; said SDP relating to the process through which wind forces, storm surge and waves create damage; said method comprising: obtaining a surface wind field; computing, with the aid of a computer, an integrated kinetic energy (IKE), in Tera Joules, (TJ), from the surface wind field by integrating 10-m-level kinetic energy per unit volume of portions of a storm domain volume (V) containing sustained surface wind speeds (U) satisfying equation (1): IKE=.intg..sub.V1/2.rho.U.sup.2 dV (1) wherein .rho. represents air density of 1 kg/m.sup.3; and, computing, with the aid of a computer, the SDP according to formula (4): SDP=0.676+0.43 {square root over (IKE.sub.TS)}-0.0176( {square root over (IKE.sub.TS)}-6.5).sup.2 (4) wherein IKE.sub.TS represents the integrated kinetic energy of (tropical storm) winds greater than 33 m/sec.

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