Monday, August 29, 2011

"The potential for misinformation or misunderstand is so significant, ..."

An article on the smart phone patent wars includes the text: Truth be told, I’m not even sure a regular lawyer could walk most people through the mess, I think it requires special patent lawyers. The potential for misinformation or misunderstand is so significant, I scored the web for some visuals of the lawsuits that are currently going on. One notes one must be a patent lawyer (or agent) to prosecute a patent application before the USPTO, but any lawyer can litigate a patent case. Sad, but true.

The article by Russell Holly has an interesting diagram showing the connectedness of the various patent infringement suits.

***Separately, of OLEDs

“This latest report OLED lighting: A review of the patent landscape identifies more than 2,760 patents focused on white OLED technology for lighting applications, and is an essential resource for developing a company’s technology development and roadmap”, said Craig Cruickshank, lead analyst cintelliq Limited. Craig added, “As OLED lighting continues to gain market adoption this too will also be a primary driver for further innovation within the industry leading to increases in patent filings as companies seek to secure exclusive technology domains.”


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