Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Gametimeip's "Leave Patent Licensing To The Professionals"

gametimeip has to a post on Eon-Net titled Leave Patent Licensing To The Professionals , which concludes with the text:

Professionalism and competence cannot be underestimated. One place you absolutely cannot cut corners is in patent analysis. Settlements quickly become characterized as extortion, rather than compromise, when the person representing your interests can’t muster a coherent explanation to a direct question about the identity of the accused product. Once that particular steamroller picks up momentum, you’re better off getting out of the way than trying to stop it.

The post was about lawyers, and a point made in the post was "those who sign, take responsibility," a point also worth noting to inventors who sign declarations under 37 CFR 1.63(b), which includes:

State that the person making the oath or declaration has reviewed and understands the contents of the application, including the claims, as amended by any amendment specifically referred to in the oath or declaration; and


State that the person making the oath or declaration acknowledges the duty to disclose to the Office all information known to the person to be material to patentability as defined in § 1.56.


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