Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Colleen V. Chien: Turn The Tables On Patent Trolls

The concluding paragraph from a piece on blogs.forbes:

Until then, it’s not just patent trolling that is impacted by the potentially disproportionate power of high-tech patents – as the continuing onslaught of competitor smartphone suits shows. When the target of a patent lawsuit is a start up or new entrant the economic ramifications can be terrible – creating a tax on the technology entrepreneurs who are our best chance of revitalizing the economy. Patent law should be brought down to earth, so that it does not, on balance, divert resources away from the creation of products for customers and towards the creation of disputes for lawyers to settle.


Blogger Gena said...

Not too convinced of the realism of Chien's proposal to expect patent litigation defense attorneys to willingly, and collectively, take an undoubtedly massive pay cut. It seems to me that the likely result would be a lack of defense attorneys, thereby giving NPEs even more leverage.

11:39 AM  

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