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CBS Sunday Morning on August 7, 2011: recycling past stories

CBS Sunday Morning on August 7, 2011 was primarily a recycle of previous stories on "design," taken from CBS Sunday Morning on May 22, 2011. The main story related to "Why is City Life so Appealing". Next design of dog houses. A luxury residence for poultry. Anthony Mason on Diane von Furstenburg. A piece on French lingerie. Bill Geist on golf carts at The Villages retirement community. Extreme golfcarts. Michelle Miller. Rita Braver in Sydney.

Jeff Glor in the newsroom. 30 Americans killed in Afghanistan on August 6. Wardak Province. 22 Navy SEALs. RPG. Nightime helicopter raids have been an effective weapon. Second, Standard & Poor's defends its decision to downgrade. Third, 45,000 Verizon workers now on strike. Fourth, Lucy celebrations in Jamestown, NY.

Forecast: rainy in the East.

Osgood started off in Columbus, Indiana and J. Irwin Miller of Cummins Engine and Yale, class of 1931. Library by I. M. Pei. North Christian Church by Saarinen. Space Age Tulip chair on Star Trek. Of Miller: Excellence ought to pursued in everything you do. Osgood led into Seth Doane's piece on cities. By 2050, 3/4 of us will live in cities. Since 1990, the number of people living in US cities has gone up 7%. And yes, Olive Branch (once known as Cowpen), Mississippi was featured. Bloomberg BusinessWeek noted it is the fastest growing city. The key variable in recent city growth is "January temperature." Pictures of Chick-Fil-A and Wal-Mart were presented in the background. Text displayed at end of story: The largest 25 cities in the world account for half of the world's wealth.

Osgood returned to Columbus. Miller's house by Saarinen had a "conversation pit." Average home has been on sale for three months. Secret weapon for selling is "staging." Real estate people can't waste time on ugly houses. Mocha Whittingham is one of Chicago's stagers. Rule 1: bright is bad. Bad: it's going to take us 6 months to fix this up. Professional staging will cost 3% of asking price.

Osgood next introduced a Richard Roth story on design of teeth. The artistry in modern dentistry is in a smile that is hardly noticed. Miami dentist Todd Bartsky. The Institute for Age Management and Intervention. Patients want more than a "drill and fill." The architect of the smile. The cost to re-do is $3000 per tooth. Deliberately designing in flaws. Jason Kim in New York is a dental ceramist. Kim adds translucence. For a ceramist, there is a lot of artwork. Text: 1 out of 20 middle aged men are missing all of their teeth.

Osgood did a small clip on the Columbus Philharmonic, leading into a piece on the Sydney Opera House. 7 million visitors per year. Find the truth behind the image they have seen. Ceramic tiles imported from Sweden. The competition to design the building was in 1955. Entry no. 218 was pulled from the reject pile. The technology to build the sail-like roof did NOT exist at the time. Instead of 3 years it took 14 years. Building opened in 1973. The designer died without seeing the building.

Next up, the dining room of the Miller house. Piece on SmartDesign. French white line of Corning Ware: fluted surface. Sam Barber. Text: get ideas, borrow ideas. SmartDesign has created many Oxo products. Faster, easier. Measuring cups that can be read from above. David Stohl: making the things that everyone can have. Hundreds of opportunites that we haven't discovered yet. Mention of design of Flip. Discover those things that give a little bit of help. A grip on the future.

Next master bedroom suite of Miller house, leading to story on jewelry. A cut above. Set in Style at Cooper-Hewit design exhibition in New York. Alfred van Cleef of Arpels. Art Deco. In 1939, van Cleef and Arpels opened first store in New York. Duchess of Windsor thought up a necklace that zips. A replica for $196,000. The jewelry piece led into a lingerie story. Aubade. Interview with the "brand director". It can take two years to go from concept to the consumer. American patented the first brassiere in the early 20th century. $120 (90 euros) for a teenagers "first bra."

Next, Alexander Gerard on designed doll houses, leading to piece on dog houses. Dogs are great clients.

**Next week. A summer tan; all the latest wrinkles.

**Moment of nature. Spiriva HandHaler. St. Augustine, Florida. Roseate spoonbills and other birds. Exactly the same "moment" as on May 22, 2011.

Osgood thanked the people of Columbus, Indiana.


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Looks like just about the entire show is composed of stories previously broadcast on 5/22/11. Must be vacation time!

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Sounds so interesting, keep up the good work.

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