Monday, August 29, 2011

Apple not trustworthy as to disclosing patents?

From channelnews (Australia) on 29 Aug 2011:

Apple has been accused of not being “trustworthy” after a Judge in the Australian Federal Court was told that Apple chose midnight on a Sunday night to dump two new patent claims on the Korean Company who is in a battle with the US Company over the design of their Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.

At a second hearing today before Justice Amanda Bennett in the Federal Court, Counsel for Samsung David Cattern, told the Court that Samsung had received two new Apple patents at "midnight on Sunday night" hours before a hearing at 9.15am today in the Federal Court.

The Court was told that Apple could not be trusted and that there was a likely proposition that they would try to produce other new patents prior to a full hearing on the 26th of September.

Shortly afterwards Justice Bennett said that she was not happy with the way in which several Companies had in the past handed up written patent submissions, she said that she wanted to take "Oral" submissions from the patent inventors, a move that could force Apple to produce either via video link or live in Court senior engineering executives and inventors responsible for the design and the technology built into Apple iPads and iPhones.

The Judge who is an experience technology advocate having handled several high profile technology cases told both parties that there would be limited cross examination of the patent developers as "time was of the essence" in the case.
During the hearing Samsung agreed to not to sell or advertise the Galaxy Tab 10.1 before September 30.

Both parties have been told that they have up until Friday to file their statement of claims. She also ordered Apple to clearly identify which patents they allege Samsung has breached.


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