Saturday, July 16, 2011

Where to find the next Don Draper?

Seeing a post titled What Do Don Draper and GitHub Have In Common?, IPBiz expected an allusion to the Mad Men episode Nixon v. Kennedy.

After all, the first line of the post “You don’t know who you are until you know what you can do.” related to Burt Cooper defending Don Draper in observing that a man is who he is in whatever room he is in right now. To Burt, and to Don, Don was the man who was doing useful things, and not judged by the past that Pete Campbell had uncovered.


the post's quote Because it is not about one’s educational pedigree, instead it is “proof of one’s capabilities.” relates to the portrayal of Don Draper in Mad Men, a man without any educational pedigree.

The post's punchline, however, was not that interesting: I would argue, that the next Don Draper is likely to be found on Twitter rather than on a college campus or on Madison Avenue.

While Don Draper commented that he had never written more than 200 words, that is still more than 150 characters, all of which is a lot less than one is going to find in a patent. One doubts that the Don Draper of Mad Men would have spent any time on Twitter.

In passing:

USPTO To Pay 3 Billions In Damages Over Invalid Patents which begins:
Asatya, a Silicon Vally based firm with headquarters in India has won a lawsuit against USPTO. The court has fined USPTO US$ 3 billions for invalid software patents passed by the controversial body without proper examination.



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