Thursday, July 28, 2011

More on buckyballs

IPBiz has had a rather delayed comment in July 2011, to the 2009 post titled
The discoverer of buckyballs, again...

LBE's point is that the Smalley group, with Sir Harry Kroto, did not invent OR discover,
buckminsterfullerene. A scientific paper was published (in JCP) one year before the Smalley article
in JACS which JCP article disclosed C60 and a way to make it.

A review of fullerene work, to 1988, appears in Herndon's article in
Advances in Chemistry, Vol. 217. (American Chemical Society). See also Carbon,
Volume 33, Issue 7, Pages 1007-1010 (1995)

LBE would agree with: I support the comment of Lawrence B. Ebert in that the claim of discovery of a molecule, whether self-promoted, bestowed by an internationally renown entity, or posted by a graduate student in a blog, does not warrant issuance of a patent.

LBE notes that, in fact, there was no patent issued on the composition of C60 (buckyball).


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