Tuesday, July 19, 2011

McAdoo matter at UNC: where was the professor in all this and why didn't he find the plagiarism himself?

The News & OBserver begins its editorial on the McAdoo plagiarism matter:

The worst academic/athletic scandal in 50 years continues to linger at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and the clouds are darkening as more information is revealed. The revered university is paying a dear price indeed for bending to sports boosters' burning desire for a big-time football program.

The editorial asks a good question: how come the professor who received McAdoo's paper did not recognize the rather obvious plagiarism?

Or, in the case of Glenn Poshard at SIU, how come the thesis committee didn't recognize plagiarism in Poshard's Ph.D. thesis?

**UPDATE, 3 Aug 2011

Thief steals files at UNC : Someone broke into the student judicial system office of the University of North Carolina and stole the "sensitive confidential records of 31 students," university authorities confirmed.


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