Sunday, July 31, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on July 31, 2011

Charles Osgood, in a cream-colored sport jacket and jeans, introduced the stories for July 31, 2011. First up, "Second Chance," done by Barry Peterson beginning with David Harris from Tennessee. Second story, Russ Mitchell on Jimmy Webb. Third, Mo Rocca on Jason Bateman. Fourth, "He came, he saw..." from Bill Geist, on Ray Murphy on chainsaw art. Fountain pens, weddings, lions.

Headlines: Progress being made on debt limit compromise with Nancy Cordes. Debt ceiling to 2.4 trillion; tied to cuts; deficit reduction committee; balanced budget amendment vote. No new taxes. Second, verdict in Iranian case on hikers is coming. Third, Hama, Syria. Fourth, Sara Phillips wedding. Weather: scorching heat and thunderstorms.

First story began with a letter to Sunday Morning from Melissa Harris. Barry Peterson did the story. "Thanks for the weekly entertainment." The letter encapsulates a lifetime journey. Harris went to a Tennessee state college. Committed nine armed robberies in a period of weeks, including a Subway. Arrested in 1997 and sentenced to 20 years. Of prison, the door closes and probably won't open again. Walked out of gate in 2004. Went to college full time. Then, law school at night. Bret Gibson is part of the group. Bumps; Harris dated clients. Met Melissa through blog. Married last October. Melissa went back to college. "No, you can do it." Harris talks about life seven years after prison. The issue of victims. Jim Cosby of Tenn. Dept of Corrections. Tenn. rate of recidivism is only 1/3. David got his law degree in Dec. Then, hearing before Tenn. Bar Association. Approved to take exam; took exam last week. Darkness in life serves a purpose; redemption.

Almanac. July 31, 1928. Audiences first heard Leo the MGM lion. The almanac feature noted that a live lion was NOT used for Kubrick's 2001.

Osgood talks about pens, and introduces a Rita Braver story, recycled from a previous show (Oct. 24, 2010). New Hampshire man (Richard Binder) repairs pen. Nib doctor. A world of fountain pens. Annual Washington pen show run by Bob Johnson. Lewis Waterman invented pen with ink supply. Kareem Salem of Maryland is a collector of pens. A pen of F. Scott Fitzgerald, ivory and onyx.

Sound familiar? Songs by Jimmy Webb. Four Tops, Supremes, Linda Ronstadt, Judy Collins. "Didn't we." His first song at age 12 was later recorded by Art Garfunkle. Webb grew up in Oklahoma. His first sale was "Christmas Tree" for the Supremes. Up Up and Away by the Fifth Dimension. $600 per year to $60,000 to $600,000. By the time I get to Phoenix. Motown said no, but Glen Campbell said yes. Then, Wichita Lineman. Then, Galveston. Then, MacArthur Park. Wife Laura on "All I Know."

National debt showdown. Debt is 14.3 trillion, of which 3.6 is owed to public. 6.2 trillion is owed to federal government. 4.5 trillion is owed to foreign countries.
Apple has $76 billion in the bank, more than US guv.

Marriage New York Style, first broadcast in 1988. Fee was $10. Carlos Cuevas, clerk.
Various conversations depicted. Marriage chapel, room 257. Frances Mitchell, chapel supervisor. Then the story switch to 2011.

Tribute to set designer Victor [Victor Paganuzzi ]. Set of Jan. 1979. Clear plexiglass panels.

Jason Bateman. Q&A. Horrible Bosses, dark comedy about horrible bosses. "we're not scientists here." In Change Up, Bateman plays a lawyer. Started with Little House on the Prairie. Silver Spoons. Teen Wolf-2. This Can't Be Love. Arrested Development. Up in the Air. Kingdom. Father-in-law is Paul Anka.

Ben Stein on the debt crisis. Telling scene in Great Gatsby: I hate careless people. Now: A stupendous pileup of careless people. Never convincing evidence about tax cuts. Low taxes are not an American birth right. Now, many careless persons. Can kicked down the road better than an immediate train wreck. Both parties got us into this mess and both have to get us out.

Pulse. Agreement on debt. both spending and taxes: 66%.

Bill Geist. Chainsaw art. Ray Murphy. Bus driven over 1 million miles. Studio in Hancock, Maine. Chainsaw art shows. Ray is 69. I have a touch that no one else possesses. Personalized belt buckle.

Moment of nature. Pradaxa. Sands of Alabama's Fort Morgan peninsula. Sand crabs.


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