Sunday, July 24, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on July 24, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for CBS Sunday Morning on July 24, 2011. The terror in Norway still dominates the world's headlines. Jeff Glor is in Norway. The shock and the grief in Norway. Steve Hartman does "Hot and cold." Jim Axelrod does "Still Believin'" on Journey. A story on ants: "Small Wonders." Martha Teichner on Cirque de Soleil. Fast draw on humidity.

Headlines: national day of morning in Norway. Rooler World in Grand Prairie, Texas. Temps cooling off in the east. Urban areas tend to hold onto the heat. Re-enactment of Battle of Bull Run. Rain in Chicago. Congressional leaders working on debt talks. Framework for Congress. Amy Winehouse found dead. Former Chief of Staff died at age 75. New York legalized same sex marriage.

Fine print on today's weather: somewhat cooler in northeast.

Sunday Morning started with the terror in Norway with Jeff Glor in Oslo. Island of Utoeya. Explosion in Oslo on Friday afternoon; then shooting on the island. Prime minister promises Norwegian way of life won't change; Glor noted: it already has.

Almanac: July 24, 1911: Yale University explorer Hiram Bingham arrived at Machu Picchu. Pictures currently on display at Smithsonian. No cement or mortar used in the buildings. Movie: Secret of the Incas, with Charlton Heston. The Simpsons.

The first real story was "Small Wonders" on ants, starting in the country of Belize. Several hundred species of ants in Belize. Sound of howler monkey. Leaf cutter ant. Jaws contain zinc. Portable can opener. Car pooling ants. Fungus eating ants. Picture of farm fresh fungus. Suicide bomber ants; toxic yellow glue. Deborah Gordon of Stanford. Virtually any ant you see is a female. Most ants simply following the crowd. Southwest Airlines, Doug Lawson is systems analyst. Computer simulated ants produced "open seating." Argument: in assigned seating, two people will have to get up, but in open seating, only 1 (the aisle) has to get up to allow access to the middle. Ants aren't smart, but they are efficient. It pays to be individually stupid.

Next, Amy Winehouse found dead. Anthony Mason does story. Brian Hyatt of Rolling Stone: a legend in the making. In 2008, first British woman to bring home five Grammys in one night.

July 24, 2010: Ridley Scott. "Life in a Day" Rise and Shine.

The Circus of the Sun. Cirque du Soleil. Done by Martha Teichner. Radio City Music Hall. $50 million budget. 6000 seats need to be filled every night. Francois Gerard. Rehearsing in Orlando, FL. So far, 100 million tickets since 1984. Banana-spiel, previously, was a flop. In 2009, Canada's first space tourist. Worldwide: 5000 employees. A cast of head of each performer. By end of year, 22 different productions running simultaneously. No saturation of the brand. (IP matter!) Iris in Kodak Theater in Los Angeles.

David Edelstein. Friends with Benefits. Justin Timberlake. No strings attached. Black Swan girls with sex. Crazy Stupid Love.

The heat goes on. The fast draw. Humidity is a balancing act. Water in the air. Better gas mileage. Epiphytes. 1200 gallons floating by every second [?] Dropping temperatures trigger rain. Average global humidity has been increasing. Maybe it's not the heat it's the humidity.

Life in a day; birthday. Giraffe birth. Photographer passing out during birth.

Thirty years after Don't Stop Believin'. Jim Axelrod. The most downloaded song in the 20th century. 1998: the Wedding Singer. Glee. Adam Anders spoke of the finale to Glee's premier: Viva la vida was wanted, but permission to use it was denied.
Everyman's Journey. Eclipse: city of hope.

Opinion. Tavis Smiley. You never hear discussion about poverty in current budget debate. Turn a blind eye to chasm between haves and havenots. The new poor are the former middle class. More and more children are among the poor. No cards in the deck stacked against them already. In 1968, RFK tour of poverty.

Life in a day. What do you love? Placing my feet in wet sand. (..) I love my Lord. (..) football. (..) refrigerator.

Lucien Freud
Lucien Freud died Wednesday at age 88. Painted urban landscapes, but was known for his nudes (naked people). Vulnerable people who seem vulnerable in their nakedness. The lumpiness of real life.

Do you miss winter in summer? 59% said NO. Steve Hartman on hot vs. cold. How easily we forget? Welcome back to the dead of winter. The last two winters were the two coldest in a quarter century. The grass is always greener. Humans are comfortable only between 68 and 78F.

Bob Schieffer. Bill Daly. Next week. Taking flight with Mike Tyson (a recycle!)

Moment of Nature (Pradaxa). South Georgia, Anarctica and king penguins. Also a seal.


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