Sunday, July 17, 2011

CBS Sunday Morning on July 17, 2011

Charles Osgood introduced the stories on Sunday Morning for July 17, 2011. A special edition: "animal attraction." Virtual animal kingdom. Jim Axelrod does the cover story on our very own pets. Generation of change in the way we treat our pets. Surrogate children. Our pet lives are becoming a family affair. Second story: Tree huggers. Third: Anthony Mason on Dean Koonce's dog Trixie. A dog's tale. Fourth: actress Isabella Rossellini. Wildlife of Isabella. Bill Geist talks about goldfish competition. Little Rusty.

Osgood then said: Let's go to the newsroom. Rebecca Jarvis did the news, starting with Casey Anthony's release. In London, Ruppert Murdoch. Rebekah has been arrested?? [Separately, British Police Arrest Rebekah Brooks in Phone Hacking ] Meeting over debt limit. Deadline is August 2. Carmegeddon on Interstate 405. Hugo Chavez headed to Cuba for cancer treatments. Glen Campbell in Biloxi, MS. [ Campbell's first performance since he announced he has Alzheimer's was at the IP Casino in Biloxi, Miss. See AP story. ] US and Japan women's soccer.

Jarvis did the weather. Lots more high heat over the planes.

If these stories seem familiar, that's because they are. The whole 17 July 2011 show is recycled from 10 April 2011. From a previous IPBiz post,
CBS Sunday Morning on April 10, 2011: animals

Charles Osgood introduced the stories for April 10, 2011 on CBS Sunday Morning. The general theme was "Animal attraction." The cover story is by Jim Axelrod on our pets )Petted Bliss). Second, Rita Braver talked about the koala. Third, Anthony Mason on Dean Koontz and his dog. Fourth, on Isabella Rossellini's interest in animals. Fifth, Bill Geist on the expanding role of goldfish competition.

Jeff Glor presented the news, starting with a wildfire in west Texas, next with Japan. Protestors in Cairo's central square. Death of Sidney Lumet at age 86. Masters golf tournament. Sunny and warm in most of the country.

A difference is that Rebecca Jarvis substituted for Jeff Glor as to the "today's news" segment, which segment on the usual "Sunday Morning" is done by Osgood.

A CBS poll revealed that 89% of us consider that pets are members of the family. 75% believe that pets share personality traits with their owners. Axelrod's piece included a segment with Axelrod's mother, and her dog.

Keyword: oxytocin

Opinion by Faith. As a child, had German short haired pointer named Kinder. Now, I'm a grownup and I don't want to pet your animal. Staph infection, cat scratch fever. Now, 2/3 of Americans own pets. People who are kinder to animals than to people.

Moment of nature on July 17, 2011, by Spiriva HandiHalier. A look at a few animal species considered endangered. Including riparian woodrat, pygmy owl, florida panther, attwater's prairie chicken, Mona Island iguana, short tailed albatross.


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