Friday, July 15, 2011

Bonn University takes away doctorate of Chatzimarkakis for plagiarism

Bonn University took away the doctorate of parliament member Jorgo Chatzimarkakis because of plagiarism.

Speaking on Germany's talkshow, Anne Will, in early July, 2011 Chatzimarkakis blamed practices he picked up at Oxford University, saying that at Oxford, "they phrase things somewhat differently. They intertexualise, that is they make texts readable."

The Guardian noted: Bonn's dean of philosophy, G√ľnther Schulz, said the method the politician had used was simply not acceptable: "He didn't use quotations marks, so the reader thinks that he is reading a text by Chatzimarkakis, when actually more than half the text is from other authors."

IPBiz notes, if more than half the text is copied, can one rightly use the excuse of intertextualization?


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