Thursday, July 14, 2011

Android: Google’s apparent indifference to the legal IP challenges

Unwiredview notes: All of Google’s Android partners are under rapidly growing pressure from multiple patent holders, claiming that Android devices infringe on this patent or that, demanding licensing fees. And, more often then not, Google seems to be content to watch it’s partners struggle from the sidelines , filing occasional brief in their defense, but refusing to commit real cash to cover legal costs or provide guaranties/insurance against damages, if Android is found to be infringing.

TechCrunch got into the "patent numbers" game: Google currently owns 701 patents in total whereas Microsoft was granted 3,121 patents last year.

AND further noted Google's hiring plans:

On its legal job listings page, Google is looking to fill six patent-related positions including a patent agent, patent counsel, patent docketing clerk, patent litigation counsel, patent paralegal, and a strategic patent licensing and acquisitions manager.

To get into the cross-licensing deal-making game, one needs patents the other guy wants. And, hiring six people won't solve the Android litigation problem. Google's initial law firm in the Oracle matter was King & Spalding, and later included Keker & van Nest LLP. See
Google hires third law firm to defend against Oracle


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