Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rutgers is wrong, again?

As a followup to the IPBiz post
Bergen Record: New Jersey is in the toilet bowl
, note the following comments to a post about Rutgers 4-8 2010 football season:

"Restore winning ways" #1. Rutgers has always been an average to below average program. #2. Coach Schiano is a joke. $2.1 million per year (not to mention the free helicopter rides, the house on the golf course, etc..). He has been here 10+ years with no REAL bowl. Highest paid state employee and he can't produce a team that can fill a 45,000 seat stadium.


Schiano is right, you are what your record says you are. And this program under the helm of this coach heading into his 11th season has an overall record 5 games under .500 and a conference record of 24-45 over that same stretch. Restore the program to its winning ways? What winning ways? What does that record say you are?


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